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pituitary gland

the infundibulu connects the hypothalamus to...

arachnoid villi

valvelike and protrude externally through the dura mater to absorb cerebrospinal fluid


includes the thalamus, hypothalamus, and epithalamus

Parietal lobe

primary sensory cortex

frontal lobe

somatic motor cortex

frontal lobe

motor speech area

frontal lobe

premotor area

occipital lobe

auditory area


a major realy station for sensory information ascending to primary sensory areas of the cerebral cortex. contains specialized nuclei.

prefrontal area

brain area associates experiences necessary for the production of abstract ideas, judgement, and conscience

primary motor cortex

axons from this area form the major pyramidal tracts


area is the main visceral control center of the body

cerebellar white matter

arbor vitae

brain stem

midbrain, medulla, and pons

arachnoid and pia

the subarachnoid space lies between what two layers of meninges?

metabolic waste

the blood-brain barrier is effective against...

temporal lobe

the primary auditory cortex is located...

brocas area

considered motor speech area

visceral sensory area

area of cortex that is responsible for sensations of the full bladder


structure not directly involved in memory

lateral sulcus

the frontal lobe is seperated from the temperal lobe by the...


which association regarding the function and location of the cerebrum is most accurate?

the hypothalamus

is the thermostat of the body since it regulates temperature

frontal from parietal

the central sulcus seperates which lobes?

cerebrospinal fluid

is formed mostly by the choroid plexuses and modified by ependymal cells


shallow groove on the surface of a cortex

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