Geo Test 5

46 terms by sbp0006

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The country located immediately northwest of India is:

Indus River

The major river of Pakistan is the:


The caste system is most associated with which religion?

90 years

The direct administration of India by the British government (the raj) lasted for how long?

Dominion of Pakistan and Union of India

In 1947, British India was partitioned into which states?

tend to divide a country

Centrifugal forces:

the caste system

In India, a leading centrifugal force has been:

cultural and religious strength of Hinduism

The dominant centripetal force in India has been the:


The priestly caste in India is known as the:


Agriculture in India ranks third in the world in terms of acreage under rice.

east Pakistan

Bangladesh was formerly known as:


The small group of islands 400 miles south of India are the:


The caste system has completely disappeared from Indian society.


Islam from the beginning was a faith alien to India, and the country successfully resisted its penetration throughout history.


India today is the world's second most populous state.


Lahore is the cultural heart of Pakistan.


The so-called "untouchables" of the Indian caste system and untouchable because it is believed that they are directly descended from a Hindu god.


Much of Bangladesh's land lies close to sea level, leaving the country prone to frequent flooding.


Nepal and Bhutan are landlocked countries.


Nepal today, because of deforestation and soil erosion, faces a serious ecological crisis.


Ceylon was formerly known as Sikkim.

Macau and Hong Kong

What are the two former colonial entities that recently reunited with China?

1.3 billion

What is China's current population?

Chang-Yangzi River

The main river serving the hinterland of Shanghai is the:


The Gobi is associated with which region?


Which region contains Tibet?


What Southeast Asian country was not occupied by Japan during World War II?

a chain of events that restored imperial rule to Japan

What was the Meiji Restoration?


Before the Meiji Restoration, Japan's capital city was:


Are most Japanese Buddhists?


Japan's population is concentrated in the inland areas.


Japan's largest and main island, containing the Japanese capital and almost all of its core area is:

Taiheiyo Belt

The largest conurbation in Japan is:


Taiwan was at one time a colony of:


Taiwan is located off the coast of:


Japan's name for itself is Nippon.


South Korea has developed under a socialist system since 1945.


Taiwan was invaded by the Communist Chinese in 1945.


The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.


______ is the name for the land between the rivers.


The Aswan High Dam is located on what river?


The upstream country that could control the flow of the Nile River into Egypt is:


The western North African countries of Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco are collectively called:

Tigris and Euphrates

Which rivers flows through Iraq?

the Golan Heights

The Syrians have lost which piece of territory to the Israelis?


The modern state of Israel was created in what year?

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