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Biology Chapter 8 Assessment

Which of the following are autotrophs?A)implants, B)plants, C)leopards, D)mushrooms
B) plants
One of the principle chemical compounds, that living things use to store energy. A)DNA, B)ATP, C)H2O, D)CO2
Which Scientist concluded that most of a growing plant's mass comes from water?
A)Priestley, B)Van Helmont, C)Ingenhousz, D)Calvin
B) Van Helmont
In addition to light and chlorophyll, photosynthesis requires--A)water and oxygen, B)water and sugars, C)oxygen and carbon dioxide, D)water and carbon dioxide
D) water and carbon dioxide
The leaves of plants appear green because chlorophyll--A)reflects blue light, B)absorbs blue light, C)reflects green light, D)absorbs green light
C) reflects green light
The products of photosynthesis are--A) sugars and oxygen, B)sugars and carbon dioxide, C)water and carbon dioxide, D)hydrogen and oxygen
A) sugars and oxygen
Which organelle contains chlorophyll?--A) mitochondria, B) nucleus, C)Golgi Apparatus, D) Chloroplasts
D) Chloroplasts
The first processin the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis is-- A) light absorption, B) electron transport, C) oxygen production, D) ATP formation
A) light absorption
Which substance from the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis is a source of energy for the Calvin Cycle?--A)ADP, B)NADPH, C)H2O, D)pyruvic acid
The light-independent reactions of photosynthesis are also known as-- A)Calvin Cycle, B) Priestly Cycle, C)Ingenhousz Cycle, D)van Helmont Cycle
A) Calvin Cycle
How do heterotrophs and autotrophs differ in the way they obtain energy?
heterotrophs are animals and autotrophs are plants, heterotrophs need to find energy from another source and autotrophs get energy form sun
Describe the three parts of an ATP molecule.
1.Adenine = a purine base.
2.Ribose = a pentose sugar.
Use the analogy of a battery to explain how energy is stored in and released from ATP
ATP (with 3 Phosphate Groups) would be the full charged battery.
ADP (with 2 Phosphate Groups) would be the partially charged battery.
To release energy, the bond between the 2nd and 3rd phosphate group is released. To store energy, a bond is made between the 2nd and 3rd phosphate group.
Compare the amounts of energy stored in ATP and glucose. Which compound is used by the cell as an immediate source of energy?
Glucose is more efficient for cells to keep only a small supply of ATP on hand because a single of molecule of the sugar glucose stores more than 90 times the chemical energy of a molecule of ATP.
How were priestly's and Ingenhousz's discoveries about photosynthesis related?
Priestley's and Ingenhousz's experiments showed that light is necessary for plants to produce oxygen.
Write the basic equation for photosynthesis using the names of the starting and final substances of the process.
Carbon dioxide + water -> oxygen + glucose
what role do plant pigments play in the process of photosynthesis?
Pigments are able to absorb specific wavelengths of light which power photosynthesis.
What is the role of ATP synthase? how does it work?
2 high energy electrons, converted into two separate molecules and carried between the chloroplast inner membrane. controls the course of those two molecules and carries them to different sections in the inner membrane thylakoids
Explain the role od NADP+ as an energy carrier in photosynthesis
carry the hydrogen atom from the light dependent stage
Summarize what happens during the Calvin Cycle
plants use energy that NADPH and ATP contain to build high-energy compounds that can stored up to a long period of time
How do the events of the Calvin Cycle depend on the light-dependent reactions?
In order for CO2 to be fixed into carbohydrate in the Calvin Cycle, ATP and NADPH which are both made in the light dependent stage are needed.
Describe three factors that effect the rate at wich photosynthesis occurs.
sun light, water, and temperature