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What is Fascicle?

The compartments that contain bundle of muscle cells

Fascicles are arranged in what pattern?

Different Pattern!

Fascicles are arranged in different patterns, so?

The different patterns give differences in power and range of motion!

What are the 3 patterns Fascicles have?

Parallel, Pennate and Convergent

What does Parallel pattern do to the Fascicle?

It gives the best Range of Motion, but least power. When the muscle fiber contract, 100% of contraction is in the direction of muscle.

List the 4 characteristic of Pennate arranged Faciscle?

1. Pennate arranged fascicles are short and oblique to central spine looks like a feather

2. Can have Uni-pennate and Bi-pennate

3. Pennate arranged Fascicle has most cells

4. Pennate arranged Fascicle doesn't shorten as much, but has most power.

What are the characteristic of Convergent styled Fascicles?

All Fascicles converge on single tendon and looks tri-angular!

For Fascicles, pattern determine what?


For Fascicles, power depends on what?

The number of cells (muscle fibers)

Skeletal muscle shortens to how many % of resting length?


Longer parallel fibers give what the most, what the least?

Greater range of motion, but not much power!

Skeletal muscle cells are Uni-nuleate or Multi-nucleate?


The Sarcoplasm is similar to other Cytoplasms, but has larger amount of?

Stored Glycogen and Myoglobin

Myoglobin is?

Sub-unit of Hemo-globin that carry Oxygen that break down the glucose in Glycogen

Each muscle fiber(cell) contains Myofribrils(the actual stuff that contract) and the Myofribrils contains what? True or False?


What is the sub-unit of Myofibril?


The Fascicle that has the most range of motion is?


The Fascicle that has the most power?


The Fascicle that has the "in-between" level of power and range of motion?"


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