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Book Type: McDougal Littell 7th grade Georgia S.S. Pages(545-566)

Great Zimbabwe

Stone ruin of a city made of 3 parts.


Used to live in nearly all of Kenya& in about ½ of what's now Tanzania.


Migrated to Southern Africa about 1,800 years ago, lived in settled villages, grew grains, &raised cattle.


A way of life that people survive by raising grazing animals, like cattle, sheep, &goats.


The process in which animals graze grass faster than it can grow back.


Family relationships.


Where farmers raise cattle, corn,fruit,potatoes,&wheat.(Grassland)


Dutch descendants,made up more than ½ of South Africa's White population.


Pastoral farmers that developed their own culture &faught with Africans over land.


A measure taken by nations against a country violating international law.

Multiparty System

Lets other parties offer ideas for new laws & policies that might be different from the person in charge. In this case, (Prime Minister Moi).


A Bantu language that includes many Arabic words. Also Swahili &English are the official languages of Kenya.


Schools built in areas where the government has'nt started them yet.

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