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What evidence do sociologists emphasize in their response to biologists that genetics cannot be the principal actor n determining human behavior?
Behavior among men and women would be more universal around the world
What example was used by Alice Rossi to explain gender differences in her model of predisposition overlaid with culture?
Women are better prepared biologically for "mothering" than men
What is an unequal access to power, property and prestige based on one's sex?
Gender stratification
Why are age and sex considered master statuses?
They cut across all aspects of social life
How did Frederick Engels explain patriarchy?
Patriarchy came with the development of private property
Female circumcision is a custom in some societies. How do feminists view this practice?
They consider it a form of ritual torture to control female sexuality
What would a comparative analysis of the Tiwi and Abkhasians illustrate regarding the meanings of aging that people attach to age?
Age is socially constructed
As the baby boom generation reaches retirement age, how will it affect the US job market?
Many jobs will open up at roughly the same time
What term describes the tendency for television stations to retain older male newscasters but replace aging female newscasters in favor of young, more attractive women?
Reinforcement of gender age sterotypes
What is an organization that solicits contributions from many donors and then uses the money to influence legislation?
Political Action Committee
What were the three conditions identified by Nicholas Timasheff as essential to war?
An antagonistic situation, a cultural tradition of war and a fuel to heat the antagonism
In which society did trading centers first develop that turned into cities?
Agricultural society
Who was the sociologist who coined the phrase "conspicuous consumption" to describe the elaborate consumption of material goods?
Thorstein Veblen
How would sociologists describe an economy that generates very little surplus food and material property?
It is a subsistence economy
What is the primary criticism made against socialism?
The system does not respect individual rights
What is the economic system where both the state and individual produce and distribute goods and services?
Democratic socialism
According to the text, what is the most significant economic change in the past 100 years?
Globalization of capitalism
The leaders of the globe's mulitnational companies have overlapped to such a degree that they have formed what is known as the
Global Super-class
What type of authority is based on written rules that are reasonable and agreed to by the people?
Rational-legal authority
What is another term for illegitimate power?
Which of the following is the best example of exogamy?
The incest taboo prohibits close relatives from marrying one another
Regina lives in a society in which children are related to their father's relatives but not their mother's relatives. What type of descent system does this illustrate?
Of the following, which set of variables is most significant in the process of socially channeling marriage?
Education, social class, race-ethnicity, age
Which of the following variables has the greates influence on homogamy?
What did sociologist Bob Suzuki identify as the basis for the distinct framework of Asian American family life incorporating humanism, collectivity, self discipline, and respect for elders?
Confucian values
Sociologically women qualigy as a minority group because at every age, men outnumber women (t/f)
A study of Vietnam veterans demonstrated that social facotrs may be as important as the level of testosterone in determining man's tendency towards aggression (t/f)
The glass ceiling refers to limited opportunities for less educated women, while glass escalator refers to the unlimited opportunities for women with professional and graduate degrees (t/f)
Based on disengagement theory, retirement is a matter of conflict in which the older, more powerful members of society try to retain their positions of power and prestige against the efforts of the young to replace them (t/f)
None of the functionalist theories of aging enjoy unanimous support of the scientific community as an explanation of how people respond to the aging process (t/f)
Because the victims know their assailant, date rapes are the most reported sexual offenses and have the highest conviction rate (t/f)
In the third ware of the feminist movement, women finally earned the right to vote (t/f)
Life expectancy has significantly increased since industrial societies were developed due to advancement in technology and medicine (t/f)
traditional authority increases with the level of industrialization in society (t/f)
Regardless of their differences and public quarrels, Democrats and Republicans represent different slices of the political centeri n the United States and both support the same fundamental policies (t/f)
Since 1900 the percentage of white collar workers in the US workforce