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Cells, Tissues, Organs, System

What are the four levels of organization?

Sexual Reproduction

Process by which a new organism develops from the joining of a egg and a sperm cell which will have genes from both parents

Body Structure, Way animal develops, Its DNA

What are three ways an animal is classified?


Chemical in cells that controls an organisms inherted characteristics.


3% of animals have a backbone and are called ______.


97% of animals do not have a backbone and are called ________.

obtaining food/oxygen, stable conditions, movement, reproduction

List four major functions of animals


A group of several different tissues are called


Biologists classify animals into major groups called


the joining of an egg and sperm


The basic unit of structure and function in living things


Structures or behaviors that allow animals to perform the basic functions in their environment is called

asexual reproduction

The process by which a single organism produces a new organism identical to itself


Type of symmetry of a sea urchin and sea star

no symmetry

Type of symmetry of a sponge


Type of symmetry of a beaver, ant and frog


Type of symmetry where an organism has a head and tail


All animals with ___________ symmetry live in water.


Animals with many lines of symmetry have ______ symmetry because body parts are arranged in a circle.


Animals with one line of symmetry have _________ symmetry

carries sperm and eggs and oxygen

What are three functions of water to sponges?


Sponges have _____________ for defense.

sexual and asexually by budding

What are two ways sponges reproduce?


Body form of a jelly fish is a


Body form of a sea anemone is called a

sexually and asexually by budding

Cnidarians reproduce

coral reefs

These are formed by polyp cnidarians secreting a hard skeleton that builds up over years allowing other cnidarians to attach themselves and continue building up the hard structure.


Type of worms that have a digestive cavity with a feeding tube


What type of worms have cylindrical bodies?

earthworms, leeches and sea floor worms

Name the 3 examples of segmented worms

segmented worms

A type of worm made of many linked sections called segments

segmented worms

What type of worm has a closed circulatory system?

segmented worms

What type of worm needs an environment that's moist or damp?

segmented, flatworms,and roundworms

What are the 3 major types of worms?

collar cells

What cells in the sponge filter food from water?

jelly like cells

What type of sponge cells digest food?

Asexual (budding)

What is the process when sponges grow from the sides of an adult sponge or break free?


What is an immature form of an animal that look different from the adult?


What has stinging cells and take food into central body cavity?


What has a vase shaped body and and attach to sea water surfaces? ex. sea anemone


What has a bowl shaped body,and mouth opens downward and tentacles are downward?

nerve cells

What is movement of a cnidarian directed by?

vertebrates and invertebrates

What is the coral reef home to? (made by cnidarians)

jellyfish, sea anemone, corals

What are three examples of cnidarians?


These animals have stinging cells on tentacles that shoot out barbs which sticks to a prey. They use their tentacles to pull the prey into its mouth to digest it in the digestive cavity.

sexual and asexual by regeneration

Types of reproduction of worms...


Simplest animal with a brain...

tapeworms and flukes

Two flatworms that are parasitic


Flatworm that is free living

one opening

Planarians have how many openings in their digestive system?


Earthworms are what type of worms?


Which types of worms have a closed circulatory system?


Organism that feeds on dead or decaying material.


Opening through which wastes exit in a one way digestive system like round worms


Organism that gets its food from living in or on another organism


Organism that does not live in or on other organisms


Organism in or on which another organism lives and gets its food from

round worm

The most abundant animal on earth is the


Cnidarians expel their undigested food out of their ________.


A group of many individual animals living together.


The balanced arrangement of an animal's body is called _________.

Made of many cells and feed on other animals

What are two characteristics of all animals?

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