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wiggle in space


Any surging or progressing movement or part resembling a wave of the sea


an amount of time

Simple Harmonic Motion

periodic motion in which the restoring force is proportional to the displacement


reach a high point


the lowest point of a wave


the maximum displacement of a periodic wave


the distance (measured in the direction of propagation) between two points in the same phase in consecutive cycles of a wave


the number of occurrences of a wave within a given time period (usually 1 second)


the unit of frequency

Transverse Wave

a wave that moves the medium in a direction perpendicular to the direction in which the wave travels

Longitudinal Wave

a wave in which the vibration of the medium is parallel to the direction the wave travels

Constructive Interference

The interference that occurs when two waves combine to make a wave with a larger amplitude.

Destructive Interference

the interference that occurs when two waves combine to make a wave with a smaller amplitude


the point of minimum displacement in a periodic system


the point of maximum displacement in a periodic system


how high or low a sound is


the part of a longitudinal wave where the particles of the medium are close together


the least dense region of a compressional wave

Forced Vibration

the vibration of an object that is made to vibrate by another vibrating object

Natural Frequency

frequencies at which an object will vibrate when it is struck or disturbed


the quality imparted to voiced speech sounds by the action of the resonating chambers of the throat and mouth and nasal cavities

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