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The Quebec Act
was generally ignored by the thirteen seaboard colonies because it had little effect on their relations with Britain
Common Sense
called for a democratic republic
Panic of 1819
brought with it deflation, unemployment, bank failures, soup kitchens, and personal bankruptcies
Rush-Bagot Agreement
limited naval armaments on the Great Lakes
Stamp Act
raised money to support new military forces needed for colonial defense
Profits Fall Dramatically
at the end of the War of 1812, British manufacturers saw their
Loose Construction
In interpreting the Constitution, John Marshall favored
Very Few People
Once begun, the War of 1812 was supported strongly by
Home Rule
After the humilating defeat at Saratoga in 1777, the British Parliament passed a bill that offered Americans
Andrew Jackson
America's most successful diplomat in the Era of Good feelings was
Gain more Territory
The War Hawks demanded war with Britain in 1812 because they wanted to
Rocky Mountains
Andrew Jackson's military exploits were instrumental in the United States gaining a favourable border with Canada from the Great Lakes to the
Compact Theory
according to the ? the national government was the creation of the thirteen sovereign states advocated by Jefferson and Madison
Enforced by the United States
At the the time it was issued, the Monroe Doctrine was incapable of being
abandoned their fortifications in the old northwest
after the Revolutionary War, both britain and spain
Enforce a tax-collection program
The Articles of Confederation left Congress unable to
Parliament passed the tax, not the colonists
colonists objected to the Stampt Act because
several northern states abolished slavery
As a part of the egalitarian movement of the American Revolution,
it kept alive the principle of parliamentary taxation
The tax on tea was retained when the Townshend Acts were repealed because
the nation's population was doubling about every twenty-five years
When the new government was launched in 1789,
every member of parliament represented all British subjects
"Virtual" representation meant that
consider ways of redressing colonial grievances
The First Continental Congress was called in order to
control of commerce
The issue that finally touched off the movement toward the Constitutional Convention was
the National Bank
The aspect of Hamilton's financial program that recieved the least support in Congress was
supporters of a central authority
The anti-federalist camp included all of the following groups except
the wealthy
Alexander Hamilton's financial program for the economic development of the United States favored
promised to evacuate the chain of forts in the Old Northwest
In Jay's Treaty, the British
full equality between white women and men
As a result of the Revolution's emphasis on equality, all of the following were achieved except
free homesteads for western farmers
All of the following were part of Alexander Hamilton's economic program except
Abigail Adams
Which individual privately advocated equality for women, writing a famous letter to her husband to "remeber the ladies"?
permitted trade with all nations but promised that if either Britian or France lifted its commercial restrictions on American trade, the United States would stop trading with the other
Macon's Bill No. 2
hamilton wanted federal gvernment to assume state debts accumlated during previous war
He hoped to shift wealthy creditors obligations and allegiances from the states to the federal government
What ended war with Britain in the war of 1812
Treaty of Ghent
Final battle of the war of 1812
Battle of New orleans
Convention of federalist who opposed war of 1812
hartford convention
Made missouri a slave state and maine a free soil state. It prohibited slavery in louisana purchase
Missouri Compromise