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Series 2 Part B Review

With what emperor is 楊貴妃 Yáng Guìfēi associated?
唐玄宗 Emperor Xuánzōng of Táng
What is the literal meaning of the term 傳奇chuánqí?
to "transmit" or "strange"
What dynasty immediately preceded the 唐朝Táng dynasty?
隋朝 the Suí dynasty, which lasted all of two emperors
What modern Chinese city was the site of the capitals of the "Six Dynasties" of the 南北朝時代 Period of North-south Division?
南京 Nánjīng, which means "southern capital," previously known as 建業 Jiànyè or 建康城 Jiànkāng city.
What are a couple of formal features that distinguish a 律詩 lǜ shī poem from a 古詩 gŭ shī poem?
律詩 lǜ shī poems have 8 regulated lines with parallel couplets, whereas 古詩 gǔ shī poems are (more defined by what they are not, namely) unregulated verse with 5, 6, 7 lines, but the lines have to rhyme. (Anyone want to check me?)
Name a couple of 唐朝 Táng dynasty tales that include episodes involving the imperial examination system.
1. 鶯鶯傳 (Yīngyīng Zhuàn) The Story of Cuī Yīngyīng: her lover leaves her to take his exams.
2. 李娃傳 (Lǐ Wā Zhuàn) The Story of Miss Lǐ: a boy who is preparing for his exams falls for a lovely lady who ruins him
In "遊子吟" "Song of the Wandering Son," with what does the poet compare a son's love for his mother?
Thread in the hands of a loving mother
Turns to clothes on the traveling son.
She adds stitch after tight stitch until he leaves
and worries about his return.
A grass blade is bathed in spring sun;
how can its inch-sized heart return such love?
How did 梁山伯 Liáng Shānbó and 祝英台 Zhù Yīngtái initially get to know each other?
祝英台 Zhù Yīngtái impersonates a man and goes to school, where she meets 梁山伯 Liáng Shānbó
Who led a rebellion that almost put an end to the 唐朝 Táng dynasty in the mid-8th century A.D.?
安禄山 Ān Lùshān led the rebellion against 唐玄宗 Emperor Xuánzōng of Táng, a rebellion which lasted during the reigns of three emperors.
What is the only living object depicted in the poem "Cold River Snow?"
a straw-hatted old man,
Fishing alone in the cold river snow.
Why did Bó Yí and Shú Qí feel that they could not in good conscience eat grain provided them by Zhōu?
They wouldn't eat it because, King Wen of Zhou went immediately to solidify his rule as the Zhou leader by attacking Wen after his father's death, before his father had been buried.
How did Hóu Yíng enable Xìnlíng Jūn to rescue Zhào from an attack by Qín?
This is that old man who was at the gate; he became friends with the old man. As he was about to go out and lead a suicide attack, the old man said, "okay. I hope you enjoy death!..." This statement brought him back and Hou Ying told him to use Lady Ru to steal the command tally and then went with Zhu Hai and Zhu Hai killed Jin Bi
What part of his body did Zhāng Yí ask his wife to inspect after suffering a beating in Chŭ?
It is said that on his return home, he said to his wife, "Look and see if they have left me my tongue."
What narrative poem ends with the double suicide of a young couple forced to part by the girl's mother-in-law?
Jiao Zhong-qing and wife
In what tale, does a maid named Hóngniáng serve as a message-bearer for a pair of young lovers?
The Story of Cui Yingying
What Táng classical prose stylist advocated a return to the rough, straight-forward, non-parallel style of pre-imperial and early Hàn times?
Liu Zongyuan or HanYu?
In what Táng story does the future co-founder (with his father) of the Táng dynasty make a brief appearance?
Curly Bearded Hero
How did Hán Yù make a dangerous crocodile depart from Cháozhōu when he was the governor of that district?
He wrote a letter and it was read to the crocodile.
What was one of Hán Yù's main objections to Buddhism?
The more they worshiped Buddha, the shorter their reign
What was the name of the capital of the Táng dynasty?
What modern city is close to the site of this capital (as well as the capitals of the Western Zhōu, the state of Qín, and the Qín and Western Hàn dynasties)?
Xi'an of the Shaanxi province
On what day of the lunar year did people in traditional times make offerings to the weaving maid?
7th day of the 7th month, Valentine's Day
When Aquila makes a bridge to the milkyway(west of the milkyway). and Vega. When one is on the west and one is on the East.
What enables the weaving maid and the ox-herd to cross the barrier of the Milky Way and meet on that day?
The Magpie bridge. The Milkyway
What did Hàn Wŭdì and Táng Xuánzōng both do to try to make contact, respectively, with the souls of Madame Lĭ and Yáng Yùhuán?
Daoist Priest
Who wrote the line "A heart that is distant creates its own wilderness?"
Tao Qian
What wine-chaser does the curly-bearded hero offer Lĭ Jīng and the girl surnamed Zhāng when they eat together at the inn?
Human head, heart, and liver
Who wrote a series of lǜ shī called "Autumn Meditations?"
What, briefly, is "The Song of Everlasting Sorrow" about?
It is about "Jade Bracelet" Yang Guifei and Tang Xuanzong.
How many lines does a juéjù have?
four lines
What ruler helped bring his dynasty to an end by conducting 1) huge canal building projects and 2) a long and costly war with Kŏgŭryŏ in what is now north Korea?
Sui Yang Di
What Táng dynasty female emperor tried to replace the Táng royal family with her own, calling her new operation "the Zhōu dynasty?"
Wu Ze Tian
Why did Táng Xuánzōng make Yáng Guózhōng his prime minister?
Because Yang Guozhong was Yang Guifei's brother
What Chinese poet was called a "banished immortal" (zhé xiān) by himself and others?
Li Bai