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image parallax

the apparent shift in relative positions of objects when viewed (photographed) from different vantage points


the science of preceicing depth with two eyes


the ______ the object, the greater the parallictic angle where the optical axes of the eyes converge


the ______ the object, the smaller the angle

depth perception

our brain compares parallictic angles of objects to determine relative location

stereoscopic overlap

60 % of photo

stereoscopic parallax

the change in postion of an object form one photo to the next relative to the background

parallax of points

1. related to the elevation of the point
2. greater for higher points than lower points

related to the elevation

1. _______ __ ___ ________ of the point

greater for higher

2. _______ ___ _______ points than lower points

differential parallax

measure of small differences in parallax between two points

parallax equation conditions

1. less than 3 degrees of tilt
2. adjacent photos are taken from same altitude
3. PP's of both photos lie at same elevation
4. base of objects of interest are at the same elevation as PP

less than three

1. ___ ___ _____ degrees of tilt

same altitude

2. adjacent photos are taken from the ____ _______

same elevation

3. PP's of both photos lie at the ____ ______

base of objects

4. ___ __ ______ of interest are at the same elevation as PP

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