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  1. suppress
  2. musty
  3. brandish
  4. rampant
  5. premeditated
  1. a synonyms: preplanned, rehearsed, calculated, prearranged; antonyms: unplanned, spontanepus, impromptu
  2. b synonyms: subdue, crush, stifle, squelch, quash, silence;antonyms: provoke, spur, arouse, incite, instigate
  3. c synonyms: swing, shake
  4. d synonyms: widespread, unrestrained, extravagant, prevalent; antonyms: controlled, restrained
  5. e synonyms: hsckneyed, antiquated; antonyms: fresh, sweet-smelling, up-to-date, brand-new

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  1. synonyms: distinct, forthright, unambiguous, clear; antonyms: vague, ambiguous, implied, implicit
  2. synonyms: uproot, eradicate, wipe out, excise; antonyms: implant, sow, foster, nourish
  3. synonyms: apex, acme, summit, apogee; antonyms: nadir, perigee, low point
  4. synonyms: unpropitious, inauspicious, portenous; antonyms: propitious, auspicious, promising
  5. synonyms: dexterous, adroit, proficient, clever, masterful; antonyms: clumsy, awkward, bungling, inept

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  1. venalsynonyms: dishonest, bribable, corruptible, mercenary; antonyms: honest, incorruptible, scrupulous


  2. comprisesynonyms: compose, constitute, encompass; antonyms: exclude


  3. ironicsynonyms: incongrous, satiric, sardonic, wry; antonyms: straightforward, unequivocal


  4. solacesynonyms: flexible, limber, pliable, pliant; antonyms: stiff, rigid, unbending, hideabound


  5. officioussynonyms: meddlesome, prying, impertinent, obtrusive; antonyms: reserved, diffident, timid aloof