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Baby Boom

Post WWII era of a dramatic rise in birth rate in US and Canada . from 1946- 1964 - 18yrs

Zero Population Growth

Situation in which the Population is not changing in size from year to year . It a Result of Births Deaths Migration and Immigration is at a equilibrium

What are Essential requirements for Human Survival?

Food -Water- Shelter - Society and Companionship

The Growth in Population grew rapidly in the 1950s 151 million in 1950 how much did it grow in 1960??

28 million in that decade following war !! 179million

Subsistence Socities (Food essential)

Hunters/Gathers - need to have abundant wildlife animals +plants - moved contantly -Migrated with seasons

Agriculture Societies

start of domestication of plants and animals 10,000 yrs ago .. People retain to one area, begin to see cultures and societys

Agriculture Societys need What with their lands ??

Good Soil!!

What were 2 important features that were brought by Agriculture Societys?

1- Domestication of Plants - Brought Agriculture !! and
2- This Begings to bring out Cultures and Societys

Water is another essential for many purposes ?

1- Drinking 2- Sanitation water 3- Agriculture water 4- Transportation(boats etc)


is the largest consentration of people - Western Hemisphere 150 million live along atlantic coast!!

United States and Canada ranked where among other Countries in total Population ?

US- 3rd 283 Million
Canada - 35th

Population Groth Is or Is Not growing at a equal rate everywhere??

Not all places are growing at equal rate !!

Natural Rate increase

Number of Births -Minus - Number of Deaths

Who has higher Population Growths ? Developed Countries or -Developing Countries ?

Developing!! have a higher Poulation growth bc high birth rates

Whats one reason population Changes

Migration - 1Rural to Urban - 2Political religious region(mormons in utah) 3Climatic Shift

What are a Few Current Migrations ?What were these migration of ppl in seaarch of ?

Breakdown of Soviet Union/ Eastern European Countries / Africa --
- all in search for better Heath Economic and Social Conditions

Post Industrial Society

is dominated by production and manipulation of information (Technologyy), Skilled services and high Technology

United states and Canada are leaving what type of society based country entering what type of society??

400 yrs of rural and agriculture based lead us to-
100 yrs of Industy based now - going to Post Industrial Era

Industrial Revolution began where ?

England - had alot of resourses bc they were a Imperial-powerful country 1851 crystal palace

North america first saw indusrty starting in east coast (small cottage industires ) but where did the mass production take off ?

Mid West - lotts of raw materials /good location for shipping and transportation

Basis for settlements have to do alot with what factors of our life ?

Where we work live now but before it was on the resources ex agriculture= land Industry= factories and oppurtunity

Westward Exploration of Oregon was motivated by ?

Patriotism-- to people seekeing Fortune Gld etc

Utah ?

Mormons had been persecuted for their beleifs moved west to settle home with Leader Brigham Young and came to Utah and turned it into a productive agricultural state

Why did people start to move out of Eastern Continent to the Mid west and then to Pacific

ppl moved out to the Midwest bc of Good location of Raw Materials so $$ and Good location for shipping and transportation rivers

Westward Exploration 1846 how many men migrated west ?


Great Plains were ideal for what

They were ideal for grazing caddle etc , Open range !!

Open Reange Grazing

Without a Fence ! Started in Texas

98th Meridian what does it Seperate?

It seperates the more humid eastern Half of US from more Dryer west !! Rainfall line 20 in 500mm

What was one thing in past that limited peoples activities in the West past 98th merid

Water availibility always limited people going west . Water is a major force in geography economy etc

Main Street in Canada

has 60 % of Canada population ,, it is right near the Detroit Canadas maufacturing belt !!

Why Do people often live in cities(urban) bc of what

Jobs = Economic of Aggolmeration

Economic of Aggolmeration

the advantages (economies) that come when related buisness and other activities cluster (aggolmertion) in one place Center !!location is close to needs saves time and Money more Efficent having cities !

Sun Belt

southern half of the United States// south of a east west line along North Carolina- Virgina Border extending west to the north edge of San fransisco includes hawaii too!

Primary Activities

enterprise that harvests or extracts something from earth.. ex farming , foerstry minerals coal

+Gathering industries

Like fishing and forestry are based on havesting natural bounty of renewable resourses this is a example of what industry

Extractive Industries

They are based on removing nonremovable metallic and non metalic minerals including mineral fuels from earths crust !!!

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