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Recent reports discussing the population bomb

indicate that the explosion is slowing

A one-kiloton nuclear weapon, exploded at ground level, would destroy

about 1 square kilometer of a city

For an atomic bomb, the number of doublings required is closest to


An implosion type bomb is required for

a PU-239 bomb

Moore's Law relates

computer chip capability

Which of the following does not represent exponential growth?

illness from anthrax

The statement that the Chernobyl accident will kill 24,000 people is based on

the linear hypothesis

A moderator is something that

slows neutrons

The dangerous radioactivity in fallout comes from

fission fragments

fallout is much worse if the bomb

is exploded near the ground

A nuclear reactor cannot explode like a nuclear bomb because

the nuclear reactor depends on slow neutrons

According to the text, the least bad place to put nuclear waste is


A breeder reactor is designed to produce


The number if nuclear weapons that the United States had was closest ti

ten thousand

PCR has been used to

All anwsers

Hiroshima bomb was used for

gun design

If the water moderator is lost from nuclear reactor

the chain reactor will increase, causing a reactivity accident.

The matieral that might be "reprocessed" from nuclear waste is


Which of the following is not a good example of the doubling law?

future population growth

The Canadian Candu reactors use


Plutonium can explode with few generations that can uranium because

plutonium fission releases more neutrons.

In neutron power plant, the matieral that runs through the turbine is


The number of deaths from the Nagaski bomb is estimated to be

50,000 to 150,00

The smallest container that could contain one critical mass of plutonium is

coffee mug

The bomb dropped on Hiroshima used as its fuel


Saddam Hussein planned to enrich uranium using


A centrifuge enrichment plant takes an area of about

one large classroom

PCR involves


One of the most dangerous radioactive matierals from fallout is


The term China Symdrome refers to

the meltdown of the nuclear fuel

Depleted uranium is a useful substance because

an artilery shell made from it is very penetrating

PCR was used to learn about

the descendents of Sally Hemmings

Another name for the H bomb is

thermonuclear bomb

A nuclear explosion similar to the one produced by North Korea would destroy

the size of a college campus

Cold Fusion

has been seen in laboratory experiments

At Three Mile Island

some of the uranium fuel melted

What dishtinguishes a breeder reactor from other reactors is that

it makes more fuel than it uses

Jupiter is not a star because

it isn't massive enough

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