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Year 8 Heat Transfer Methods

This quiz is about the three methods of heat transfer and
How does conduction work? explain
Conduction is the transfer of heat in contact with each other, the better the conduction the more rapidly heat will transfer.
Name 3 examples of good conductors
Copper and Silver and aluminium
How does convection work? explain
Convection is the transfer of heat by the actual movement of the warmed matter.
What is the better heat conductor aluminium or steel?
Aluminium is the better heat conductor.
What happens to the particles in the water when you increase the temperature?
The particles spread fast and bounce off the walls of the glass.
What are the three methods of heat transfer?
Conduction,convection, and radiation
What is radiation?
Radiation is when electro magnetic waves travel through space.
True or false: aluminium is worst than steel
What two objects doesn't conduct heat very well?
A: Insulator
B: Silver
C: wood
A: insulator
C: wood
Conduction only occurs in liquids
True or false
Shiny surfaces are good absorbers of heat radiation
True or false
Convection occurs in fluids due to the movement of these fluids
True or false