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  1. urban geography (p. 87)
  2. religion (p. 75)
  3. market economy (p. 91, 313)
  4. acculturation (p. 72)
  5. rate of natural increase (p. 79)
  1. a the belief in a supernatural power or powers that are regarded as the creators and maintainers of the universe, as well as the system of beliefs itself
  2. b the cultural change that occurs when individuals in a society accept or adopt an innovation
  3. c a type of economic system in which production of goods and services is determined by the demand from consumers. also called a demand economy or capitalism
  4. d also called population growth rate--the rate at which population is growing, found by subtracting the mortality rate from the birthrate
  5. e the study of how people use space in cities

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  1. the spread of ideas, inventions, or patterns of behavior to different societies
  2. the number of deaths per thousand
  3. the production and exchange of goods and services among a group of people
  4. having no outlet to the sea
  5. an area that is the center of business and culture and has a large population

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  1. population density (p. 79)a graphic device that shows gender and age distribution of a population


  2. population pyramid (p. 79)a graphic device that shows gender and age distribution of a population


  3. metropolitan area (p. 87, 148)a functional area including a city and its surrounding suburbs and exurbs, linked economically


  4. economic system (p. 91)the way people produce and exchange goods


  5. fertility rate (p. 78)the average number of children a woman of childbearing years would have in her lifetime, if she had children at the current rate of her country


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