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  1. state (p. 83)
  2. natural resources (p. 93)
  3. acculturation (p. 72)
  4. economic system (p. 91)
  5. culture (p. 71)
  1. a a political term describing an independent unit that occupies a specific territory and has full control of its internal and external affairs
  2. b the total of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors shared by and passed on by members of a group
  3. c the cultural change that occurs when individuals in a society accept or adopt an innovation
  4. d a material on or in the earth, such as a tree, fish, or coal, that has economic value
  5. e the way people produce and exchange goods

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  1. the number of live births per total population, often expressed per thousand population
  2. system in which the government holds nearly all political power and the means of production
  3. a functional area including a city and its surrounding suburbs and exurbs, linked economically
  4. the value of only goods and services produced within a country in a period of time
  5. the study of how people use space in cities

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  1. central business district (p.89)the core of a city, which is almost always based on commercial activity


  2. democracy (p. 83)a type of government in which citizens hold political power either directly or through elected representatives


  3. fertility rate (p. 78)the number of deaths per thousand


  4. monarchy (p. 83)a type of government in which a ruling family headed by a king or queen hold political power and may or may not share the power with citizen bodies


  5. nation-state (p. 83)a group of people with a common culture living in a territory and having a strong sense of unity