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  1. per capita income (p. 94)
  2. nation (p. 83)
  3. GDP (p. 94)
  4. culture (p. 71)
  5. central business district (p.89)
  1. a the core of a city, which is almost always based on commercial activity
  2. b the average amount of money earned by each person in a political unit
  3. c the value of only goods and services produced within a country in a period of time
  4. d a group of people with a common culture living in a territory and having a strong sense of unity
  5. e the total of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors shared by and passed on by members of a group

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  1. the basic support systems needed to keep an economy going, including power, communications, transportation, water, sanitation, and education systems
  2. the belief in a supernatural power or powers that are regarded as the creators and maintainers of the universe, as well as the system of beliefs itself
  3. a group of people who share language, customs, and and a common heritage
  4. a type of economic system in which production of goods and services is determined by a central government, which usually owns the means of production. Also called a planned economy
  5. a version of a language that reflects changes in speech patterns due to class, region, or cultural changes

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  1. population pyramid (p. 79)the average number of people who live in a measurable area, reached by dividing the number of inhabitants in an area by the amount of land they occupy


  2. acculturation (p. 72)taking existing technology and resources and creating something new to meet a need


  3. dictatorship (p. 83)a political term describing an independent unit that occupies a specific territory and has full control of its internal and external affairs


  4. economic system (p. 91)the production and exchange of goods and services among a group of people


  5. society (p. 71)A group that shares a geographic region, a sense of identity, and a culture