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Nutrition Final

Phytochemical found in soybeans

- anti-tumorigenic
Phytochemical found in onions
allylic sulphides
Phytochemical found in grapes and berries
Phytochemical found in broccoli
What acid is produced by bacteria in the gut in the presence of dietary fiber?
butyric acid

- allows normal multiplication of the cells of the colon.
List 4 parts that make up the energy dense milk-based feed given to malnourished children during the recovery phase (2-6 weeks).
full cream



List 3 disorders associated with a >3 relative risk due to obesity.
List 3 disorders associated with a 2-3 relative risk due to obesity.
List 3 disorders associated with a 1-2 relative risk due to obesity.
What vitamin is found in nuts?
vitamin E
Describe the effects of folic acid supplements on methyltetrahydrofolate reductase C677T polymorphisms.
TT - greater effect on reducing plasma homocysteine levels

CC - not much effect in reducing homocysteine levels
Which 2 polymorphisms are associated with improved walking distance in patients (with CD-118G allele polymorphism) with peripheral vascular disease upon administration of fish oil?
IL-6-174G (GG)

LT-alpha+252 (AA)
Glycoxidation product
Glycation product
High serum levels of advanced glycation end products predict increased coronary heart disease mortality in what gender?
non-diabetic women