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Where to "purchase" Chrome apps & extensions.
Chrome Browser
Enhances Chrome browser experience with added features or functionality.
Web-based applications are programs that are designed to be used entirely within the browser. Using apps, you can do things like create documents, edit photos, and listen to music, without having to install complicated software.
All chrome apps require you to be connected to the internet to function?
The URL address bar also known as:
To login to the same site using two accounts, use:
If you have multiple Tabs open, and :when your system is slow, you can use
task manager
Shortcut key for history:
Name of Chrome Extensions in Firefox?
To manage all installed extensions, navigate to
the chrome menu, tools and then select extensions
Where would a user find the collection of installed google chrome apps?
a) In the system tray
b) On the apps page from the New Tab page in Chrome
c) In the Apps Launcher
d) Both B and C
both b and c
The main difference between google chrome apps and extensions is:
a) How they are searched for
b) Where they are installed from
c) The extensions, unlike apps, are available on most websites
d) None of the above
none of the above
The recent tabs menu option in Google chrome will show users a list of recent tabs to revisit and will show tabs from multiple devices that a user is logged into google chrome on for anytime, anywhere access?
The zoom option in the goolge chrome menu allow users to do all of the following except:
a) Zoom in
b) Zoom out
c) View full screen browser
d) Change the display settings
Change the display settings
When creating an application shortcut from google chrome, which of the following is not a destination option for the shortcut?
a) Bookmark bar
b) Desktop
c) Start menu
d) Taskbar
Bookmark bar
Google chrome is not available for which of the following operating systems:
a) Windows phone
b) Android
c) Ios
d) Linux
Windows phone
The Google chrome history window will allow users to:
a) Search web browsing history
b) Clear all browsing data
c) See the times that webpages were visited
d) All of the above
All of the above
To close non-responsive processes or tabs in google chrome, a user can use:
the task manager
Students can use the bookmark bar and folders to manage groups of sites:
a) Related to particular units of study
b) Related to current research
c) That they use regularly in class
d) All the above
All the above
The most efficient way that a user can find a list of reviews of a particular extension is:
on the extension overview pop up from the chrome web store
The Google chrome browser update process can be accessed at:
Google chrome updates occur automatically in the background processes
When clearing browsing data in google chrome, users are presented with multiple time ranges to remove including selections since "the beginning of time"?
Google provides many resources to get additional help for Google Chrome users including
a) A google chrome YouTube Channel
b) An official google chrome blog
c) The google chrome help site
d) All the above
All the above
The chrome extensions pages allows users to do all of the following except:
a) Search the chrome web store for more extensions
b) Create custom keyboard shortcuts for extensions
c) Export extensions to other browsers
d) Enable or disable the extension or delete the extension at anytime
Export extensions to other browsers
The language settings provides the option to translate webpages using:
Google Translate
Which of the following is not a recommended offline app for educators?
a) Gmail
b) Sites
c) Drive
d) Quicknote
This category of Chrome apps will run offline and outside the google chrome browser:
offline apps
Google Chrome extensions are:
small programs that add new features to your browser
When can the web content features on the settings page be valuable in the classroom?
a) For visually impaired students
b)For young students new to web browsing
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above
Both a and b
Custom themes for the google chrome browser can be added from:
the chrome web store
Right clicking on an app on the Chrome app page in the browser will allow users to do all the following except:
a) Choose the default browser for launching
b) Choose how the app opens
c) Remove the app
d) Create shortcuts
Choose the default browser for launching
Autofill is a time saving feature in google chrome that allows users to store:
a) Phone numbers
b) Addresses
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above
Both a and b
When signed into google chrome, which of the following components will be accessible across devices with advanced sync?
a) Apps
b) Extensions
c) Bookmarks
d) All of the above
All of the above
With chrome for education, you can deploy a private web store with custom and curated apps?
With safe browsing technology enabled in Google chrome, if users encounter a website suspected of containing phishing or malware on the web, the user will be directed to restart the browser?
Users will need a Google account in order to use the Google chrome sign in features?
The most efficient way to move an existing tab in Google chrome to a new window is to:
drag and drop the tab out of the existing window to open a new window
To check the version and status of Google chrome, a user can navigate to which of the following menu options?
About Google Chrome
The chrome web store is available on Firefox as well?
Google chrome users can customize the exact location where downloaded files will be stored?
With chrome, students can sign in to their browser:
a) At home
b) At school
c) From a tablet or mobile phone
d) All of the above
All of the above
The web content feature can be particularly helpful in the classroom because it:
allows font to be customized for students to meet individual learning needs
If a user using the custom passphrase encryption for advanced sync options forgets the passphrase, all synced data will need to be deleted and reset?
(from Google Chrome Help) - Forgot your encryption passphrase?

If you forget your passphrase, you'll need to reset sync via the Google Dashboard. This will delete all synced data from Google's servers and disconnect all synced computers and devices, but not the data that's on your computers or devices. So your current preferences, bookmarks, and passwords will remain available in the browser. You can then re-enable sync with a new passphrase.
Extensions are organized and searchable in the Chrome Web Store just like apps?
The appearance option on the settings page allows for all of the following customizations except:
a) Get themes
b) Show home button
c) Add additional toolbars to the browser
d) Always show the bookmarks bar
Add additional toolbars to the browser
To create a bookmark in Google chrome users can do all of the following except:
a) Select the star in the address bar for the browser
b) Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+d
c)Go to the Google chrome menu, select bookmarks, and choose the bookmark this page
d) Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B
using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D (Mac: ⌘-D)
A wide range of apps, extensions, and themes can be found in the:
Chrome Web Store
When a user closes a window in Google chrome, what components are closed?
the current window and all open tabs in that window
There is an option in Google chrome to save entire webpages to an external storage location?
Users of Google chrome can add a custom overlay to enhance the look and feel of the browser with:
The chrome web store includes all of the following tools for installation except:
a) Apps
b) Themes
c) Applets
d) Extensions
The bookmark open pages options in the Google chrome menu will save and store all open webpages into a new bookmark folder?
Bookmarking all open tabs in one action is possible in Google chrome by using the bookmark open pages options in the Google chrome menu?
An extension can be shared from the view window directly through:
a) Google+
b) Twitter
c) Gmail
d) Both a and c
Both a and c
This category of Chrome apps will run offline AND inside the Google chrome browser:
offline apps
Which of the following is not an option when clearing browsing data in Google chrome?
a) Remove desktop shortcuts
b) Empty the cache
c) Clear download history
d) Clear data from hosted apps
Remove desktop shortcuts
A good way to browse the web privately in Google chrome is to:
go into incognito mode
When printing from Google chrome, users have all of the following options for output except:
a) Page layout
b) Two sided printing
c) Number of copies
d) Collating
The default viewing window for new tabs in Google chrome include all of the following except:
a) Thumbnails for the most visited sites
b) Bookmarks
c) Google chrome settings
d) The apps menu
Google chrome settings
An additional security feature in Google chrome that is particularly useful in the classroom and for students is:
a) Sandboxing
b) Safe browsing
c) Auto-updates
d) All of the above
All of the above
When signed into Google chrome, which of the following components will be accessible across devices with Advanced Sync?
a) History
b) Passwords
c) Open tabs
d) All of the above
All of the above
To rearrange existing tabs in a window, a user can:
Drag and drop the tabs in any order at the top of the browser
When a user chooses to "clear all" on the Google chrome downloads page, the downloads are removed from the Google chrome list but remain in the download folder location on the local device?
When setting startup pages in Google chrome, users can choose to set the homepage to:
a) Open the new tab page
b) Continue where I left off
c) Open a specific page or set of pages
d) All of the above
All of the above
The categories of apps in the chrome web store include all of the following except:
a) Games
b) Sports
c) Lifestyles
d) Productivity
Where would a user go to add additional Google chrome users with separate account credentials:
Chrome menu/settings/users section
A theme is:
Custom look and feel options for the Google chrome browser that can be found in the chrome web store
In Google chrome, students are able to set multiple _________________ to open at startup for quick access to the connected classroom:
Chrome for mobile allows users to sign in and to sync bookmarks and history:
Administrators can pre-install Chrome apps and extensions for their students and teachers.
While Chrome ______________ are software applications that run inside of your browser and provide, in most cases, new content; _____________ provide additional functionality to your browser.
apps, extensions
When you are about to project a webpage for students, use the ________________ feature to isolate the webpage. This will make it less likely that you will accidentally display personal information, such as new email messages, to the class.
drag and drop tab feature
Users can use the ___________ feature on a Chromebook as an alternative to incognito mode.
guest browsing
The ___________________ option in the Bookmarks menu option is a useful workflow tool when an educator or student wants to save all open webpages in Google Chrome at one time. This option takes all open webpages and stores them in a new bookmark folder for quick access later.
Bookmark open pages
Having students manage the ______________ in google Chrome is a powerful practice for current research, managing units of study, and storing regular class websites for quick access.
bookmark bar
Teaching students to become familiar with the web browser _____________ settings is a major component of digital literacy.
Be sure to review the local acceptable use policy and laws like FERPA before selecting ___________ options.
One solution for primary students who are just begin to read on the web is to increase the default size of the font for them.
The _______________ options offered by Google make the Google Chrome browser a control center for a connected classroom.
Consider having students review the "My Chrome Theme" App from Google to create custom themes around the school colors or mascots!
Recommended sets of Google Chrome Apps for elementary, middle, and high school can be found in the _______________ from Google.
App Packs
Three critical tools for Google Apps schools that are available offline include...
Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar
Extensions allow for the classroom and student experiences to expand further on the web while still remaining centrally manageable by the school's technology director.
It is generally accepted as a best practice to have students regularly ______________________.
clear their browsing data
Teach students to get in the habit of independent learners by using the web to search for a known solution to the problem as a first step.
View source, Developer tools, and the Javascript console are valuable tools in computer science or web design courses when teaching students the structures of programming and how the internet works.
Search and browse the web faster by enabling ______________ for the address bar, so search results and webpages will appear as you type in the address bar, even before you press Enter.
By installing the Google Voice Search Hotword extension, users can search the web by voice without ever touching the keyboard, just by saying ___________________.
Ok Google
The ____________ feature on Google Chrome has proven to be a valuable workflow process for students. The feature extends the classroom to a 24-7 space where learning resources are not locked to the school schedule. Students can access information anytime on the Google Chrome browser, creating a learning environment more conducive for connected learning.
sign in