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the most prominent change in adolescent thought is the ability to

perceive possibility

what happens in the brain of the emerging adult as he or she continues to gain life experience


high degree of parental interference and control is a strong predictor of adolescent


the period when children's bodies become adult like


athletes who maintained rigorous training schedules, good health habits, and ______ were more likely to extend their years of high-level performance

avoided drugs

john is a 20-year old African who believes that success in school is for females and whites. he's experiencing

stereotype threat

the pattern in which a person limits sexual activity to one steady partner at a time is called


the third stage of dialectal thinking is referred to as


cohabitation is more likely to result in ____ than marriage

physical abuse

the period during whichchildren grow to adult size, shape, and sexual potential is called


for girls, the usual sequenceof physical changes at puberty is

hair, breasts, menarche

for boys, the usual sequence of physical change at puberty is

growth, capacity for children, beard

tendency of successive generations to develop in somewhat different ways as a result of improved nutrition and medical advances is called

secular trend

process of puberty is triggered when hormones are released in squence from the____, the ____, and the _____

hypothalamus, pituitary glands, gonads



in junior high, the teachers tend to judge new students who are physically attractive to be more

competent academically

which adolescents will experience menarche first

african americans

research on early and late maturation during adoscence indicates that it is

more difficult to mature late

piaget : many 16 yr olds have reached the cognitive stage

formal opertaional thought

one of the inadequacies of Piaget's theory with regard to older adolscents and adults is that

individuals have difficulty with formal operational thought

because of their egocentrism, many adolescents believe that

no one understands them (has emotions like they do)

a typical characteristic of adolescent egocentrism is that


personal fable refers to adolescents imagining that they

imagining the lives they are destined to live

"imaginary audience" refers to adolescents

adolescent assumption that others are interest in them as they are themselves

Kohlberg's three levels of moral reasoning are

preconventional ; conventional ; postconventional

gilligan's study : when females were compared to males on their views of lberg's moral dilemmas, more females

human relationships
males on abstract principles

a criticism of Kohlberg's theoy of moral development is that

reflects liberal western values

trey is typical of the adolescent in search of vocational identity. most likely, his voctional identity will be achieved

25 yrs old or later

isaac and derek persuaded Robert to cut school with them, engage in petty theft, and steal alcohol from his parents. they are engaging in

deviancy training

connie is in early adulthood, and her thinking is changing compared to when she was an adolescent. she is now more likely to


mark has finished college, at age 30 is now established in his career and married with two children. when he looks back at his college days, he realizes that his approach to problems has chnge because he now no longer

tries to resolve definitively life's contradictions and inconsistencies

in solving a real-life problem, Ben attempts to take into account his subjective feelings and personal experience. developmentalists refer to this kind ot thinking as


dave is a new noncustodial father of 2 children. he can expect to find

geographically more distant to his children

the characterisitic that might be displayed by a 6th grader that is a good predictor of delinquent behavior a few years later

reading problems like ADHD

the graduam age-related decline that begins in early adulthood is called


which of the following is a characteristic of postformal thought

understanding your perspective is potentilly valid

when both parents work, children

have more active relationships with their fathers

according to erikson, the stage of intimacy versus isolation


which of these is typcal of an adolescent who takes on a false self because he believes his real self is rejected by parents and peers

depression, worthlessness, hopelessness

matt is just entering adolescence. according to erikson, he will first feel a need for


wholesale acceptance of earlier roles and parental values by an adolescent is called


erikson argues that individuals who take on an identity that is the opposite of the one expected of them hve adopted a

negative identity

identity diffusion is typically characterized by

few commitments

comparisons of minority and majority cultures in the US indicte that


which of the following factors is a key element in juvenile delinquency prevention programs


in terms of physiological development, from age ____ in early adulthood can be considered the prime of life


most girls reach their max height by age ___ and most boys reach theirs by age ___

16 ; 18

a person between 18 and 25 is entering a new developmentl stage called

emerging adulthood

a 40 yr old man can expect to require

more time for full erection

a woman approaching middle age will probably find that she has become

sexually responsive

about one couple in ____ is infertile when the woman is in her 20s


most physicians recommend that would-be mothers begin their efforts at conception before age ___ and would-be fathers before age ___

mothers - 30
fathers 40

in one view of adult thinking, every idea implies an opposite idea, and both the idea and its opposite can be intergrated into a synthesis. this thinking is called :

dialectal thinking

to be capable of "truly ethical" reasoning, according to Kohlberge, a person must have the experience of irreversible moral choice as well as

responsibilty of the welfare of others

in stepparent families

stepfathers enter their role intending to have all the answers (Disciplinarian)

in typical stepfmily, children usually

sabotage stepparents' efforts

corinne is 11 years old and pubescent. we would expect that she will experience

pressure from dates to be sexully active

nation with highest unmarried pregnancy rate


ex-spouses find adjustement to divorce more difficult than they had anticipated because they

focused on what was missign in the marriage to the exclusion of other factors

most developmental theorists today believe that

stages of development can be experienced more than once

which of the following does the social clock tell us

"best age" - driver's license, first marriage

which of the following is the most accurate statement about duel-income housing

mothers still do more housework and child care

when two men converse, they most likely discuss

politics / sports

men's friendships are less intimate than those with women becuase


after marriagem how do spouses treat cross-sex friendships

males worry about sexual attraction
females worry about emotional involvement

what percent of Americn adults spend some part of their lives in gay partnerships

2-5 percent

according to sternberg, three components of love are passion, intimacy and ____


polish teens who live in citites, girls in new zealand who's parents are divorced and boys in america experience puberty early. the outcomes are explained by


country with highest divorce rate


1/3 of young women from which ethnic group in the US reported sex abuse

European, African, Spanish

45 percent of arrests for serious crimes involves person from

10-20 yrs old

percent of ___college students has doubled since 1980

minorities and women

sex hormones :

girls - estradiol
boys - testerone

gender role

behavior that culture/society considers appropriate for only men or women

complex, critical, relativizing thinking emerges in


worldwide, adults are more likely to have mental illness during emerging adulthood because

interpersonal or financial stress interacts with preexisting vulnerabilty

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