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a letter used to represent one or more numbers


a number or group of numbers with operation signs


to preform the operation and find value


parts of an expression separated + or - sign


a number that multiplies a variable

like terms

terms that have same variables with the same exponents


to replace a variable with a number or expression


a statement that two expressions are equal


a term that is just a number

addition property of opposites

the property says that the sum of any number and its opposite is zero

Identity property

the property of multiplication tells that multiplying by 1 does not change the sum

associative property

the property lets you add or multiply three or more numbers in groups of two in any oder

commutative property

the property that lets you add or multiply two numbers in any order


value of the variable that makes the equation true

like terms

terms with same variable and exponent


rule that establishes realtion ship between qunatites


collection of input


rectangular arangment of numbers

properties of equality

rules of algebra used to isolate a variable in a equation


algaebraic equation that relates two or more quantities

function of an equation



all possible values for output

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