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  1. waver
  2. belittle
  3. jaunty
  4. juncture
  5. exotic
  1. a to move to a fro, become unsteady; to show lack of firmness or decision
  2. b lively, easy, and carefree in manner; smart or trim in appearance
  3. c synonym: strange, alien, picturesque, colorful
  4. d to make something appear smaller than it is; to refer to in a way that suggests lack of importance or value
  5. e synonyms: union, seam, joint, turning point

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  1. synonyms; loud, garish, gaudy, tacky, vulgar
  2. a quality or characteristic belonging to or associated with someone or something
  3. antonyms: refined, tasteful, subdued, muted
  4. synonym: minimize, underrate, disparge
  5. synonyms: traitor, quisling, deserter, renegade

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  1. jauntyantonyms: refined, tasteful, subdued, muted


  2. menialsynonym: carry, send, impart


  3. turncoata joining together; the point at which two things are joined; any important point in time


  4. stancethe highest point


  5. waversynonym: hesitate, falter