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  1. ravage
  2. wallow
  3. turncoat
  4. excise
  1. a antonym: (verb) put in, insert, interpolate
  2. b antonyms: loyalist, diehard
  3. c ruinous damage, destruction
  4. d to roll about in a lazy, clumsy, or helpless way; to overinduldge in; to have in abundance

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  1. antonyms: (adjective) lofty, elevated
  2. antonymn: stand firm, be resolute
  3. synonym: minimize, underrate, disparge
  4. synonym: (verb) cut out, delete, expunge
  5. an indirect tax on the manufacture, sale, or distribution of a commodity or service

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  1. jauntysynonyms; loud, garish, gaudy, tacky, vulgar


  2. juncturea joining together; the point at which two things are joined; any important point in time


  3. menialsynonyms: (noun) underling, scullion, servant


  4. juncturesynonyms: union, seam, joint, turning point


  5. attributea belief, principle, or teaching; a system of such beliefs or principles; a formulation of such beliefs or principles