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  1. excise
  2. waver
  3. ravage
  4. attribute
  5. wallow
  1. a antonyms: (verb) spare
  2. b synonym: (verb) cut out, delete, expunge
  3. c to assign to, credit with; to regard as caused by or resulting from
  4. d a wet, muddy or dusty area used by animals as a sort of bath; a state of moral or physical collapse
  5. e to move to a fro, become unsteady; to show lack of firmness or decision

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  1. antonyms: healthy, glowing, radiant, hale and hearty
  2. synonyms: looting, pillaging, ravenous, rapacious
  3. antonymn: stand firm, be resolute
  4. synonyms; loud, garish, gaudy, tacky, vulgar
  5. antonym: native, indigenous, familiar, commonplace

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  1. turncoata way of holding the body; an attitude or position on an issue


  2. turncoatantonyms: loyalist, diehard


  3. acmesynonym: summit, top, peak, pinnacle


  4. acmesynonym: hesitate, falter


  5. belittlelowly, humble, lacking importance or dignity