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  1. Buoy
  2. Quebec
  3. To salute all Officers and all Colors and Standards not cased.
  4. November
  5. Kilo
  1. a 10
  2. b N
  3. c Q
  4. d An anchored float used as an aid to navigation or to mark the location of an object
  5. e K

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  1. Ship's Officer
  2. H
  3. L
  4. E
  5. M

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  1. FoxtrotA unit of length (equal to 6 feet) used for measuring the depth of water


  2. Chain Of Command 11Ship's Officer


  3. EnsignLoose from moorings and out of control (applied to anything lost, out of hand, or left lying about


  4. Chain Of Command 15President of the United States


  5. Flag officerAny commissioned officer in paygrade 0-7 or above


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