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  1. Secure
  2. Quarters
  3. Scuttlebutt
  4. Zulu
  5. Scullery
  1. a Z
  2. b Assembling of all hands for muster, instruction, and inspection
  3. c Place to wash dishes
  4. d Lock, put away or stop work
  5. e Drinking fountain; a rumor

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  1. Commander, Naval Service Training Command (CNSTC)
  2. Candy, gum or cafeteria
  3. Military Training Director (MTD)
  4. Battle stations
  5. Brass or shiny metal kept polished rather than painted

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  1. Chain Of Command 18President of the United States


  2. Chain lockerC


  3. Chain Of Command 3Commander, Naval Education and Training Command (CNETC)


  4. RatingT


  5. Aye-ayeX