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chapter 19


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carbon sequestration-
the capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and may refer specifically to: The process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and depositing it in a reservoir." When carried out deliberately, this may also be referred to as carbon dioxide removal, which is a form of geo-engineering.
global change-
Effects of climate change
global climate change-
Increase in temperature and change in weather patterns all around the planet, due mostly to increasing atmospheric CO2 levels from the burning of fossil fuels. The increase in temperature, called global warming, is a major aspect of global climate change.
global warming-
an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere (especially a sustained increase that causes climatic changes)`
greenhouse warming potential-
estimates how much a molecule of any compound can contribute to global warming over a period of 100 years relative to a molecule of CO2
Kyoto Protocol-
Countries which ratify this protocol commit to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide.
CH 4, the main hydrocarbon in natural gas which forms from the decomposition of organics; it is a greenhouse gas
Carbon Dioxide-
the process by which carbon and oxygen cycle among plants, animals, and the environment
Nitrous Oxide-
commonly used Anesthetic Gases and Liquids
group of scientists around the world who came together to predict what is going to happen to C02 in the future. We can see C02 increase in the future.
Greenhouse gas-
a gas that absorbs heat; a gas that doesn't let heat escape out of the earth's atmosphere (traps the heat); greenhouse gases keep the earth warm but also cause global warming
Greenhouse effect-
the warming of the Earth as a result of gases absorbing re-radiated I