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In the 10GBase-LR standard, the L stands for

long reach

A physical topology ____.

depicts a network in broad scope

Collectively, MPLS labels are sometimes called a ____.


A network backbone is the ____________________ that connects the hubs, switches, and routers on a network.


1000Base-SX has a maximum throughput of ____.

1 Gbps

Without ____, a bus network would suffer from signal bounce.


In a(n) ____________________ topology, every node on the network is connected through a central device, such as a hub, router, or switch.


The 10GBase-T standard is considered a breakthrough for transmitting 10 Gbps over ____ medium.

twisted pair

The Ethernet_II frame type contains a 2-byte ____ field which differentiates it from the older Ethernet_802.3 and Ethernet_802.2 frame types.


As part of CSMA/CD, a process known as ____________________ allows the NIC issue a special 32-bit sequence that indicates to the rest of the network nodes that its previous transmission was faulty and that those data frames are invalid.


____________________ is a component of a network's logical topology that determines how connections are created between nodes.


1000Base-T is a standard for achieving throughputs ____ times faster than Fast Ethernet over copper cable.


A ____ occurs when two transmissions interfere with each other.


Because of its support for multiple Network layer protocols and because it uses fewer bytes as overhead, ____________________ is the frame type most commonly used on contemporary Ethernet networks.

Ethernet_II (DIX)

A complex combination of pure topologies is known as a ____ topology.


In packet switching, when packets reach their destination node, the node ____ them based on their control information.


The 10-gigabit fiber optic standard with the shortest segment length is ____.


The most common logical topologies are ____ and ring.


In a ring network, each workstation acts as a(n) ____ for the transmission.


The data portion of an Ethernet frame may contain ____ bytes of information.

46 to 1500

Within Ethernet frame types, the ____ signals to the receiving node that data is incoming and indicates when the data flow is about to begin.


The most common 1-Gigabit Ethernet standard in use today is ____.


On an Ethernet network, a(n) ____ is the portion of a network in which collisions occur if two nodes transmit data at the same time.

collision domain

All Ethernet networks, independent of their speed or frame type, use an access method called ____.


A ____ is simply a linked series of devices.


Given their long-distance capabilities, 10GBase-ER and 10GBase-EW are best suited for use on ____.


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