Ch. 16 vocab. james is bad

18 terms by Jonathan1557

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A ceremonie where families display their rank and prosperity


People to the north, they lived on four corners and built impressive cliff dwellings


villiages of large, apartment-style coumpounds made of stone or clay


Last mound builder culture


example of a political alliance, a group of tribes speaking related languages living in the eastern great lakes region


natural object with which an individual,clan,or group identifies itslef


a mayan city, a major center in northern guatemala


Mayan writing symbols


bark-paper book containing important historical events

Popol Vuh

Book on the creation of the world


green or black volcanic glass used for making sharp tools or weapons


Feathered serpent god

Triple alliance

Aztecs joined with Texcoco and Tlacopan

Montezuma II

New ruler, the aztec empire began to weaken under his rule


Incan leader, that conquered peru and then moved into neighboring lands


Incan social system was based on age-old form of community cooperation


Labor tribute that required all able-bodied citizens to work for the state a certain number of days every year


A set of knotted strings that could be used to record data

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