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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH -Quiz Time


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How did Mr. Frisby save the rats? How does Mrs. Frisby save the rats?
Mr. Frisby helped them out of the air ducts. Mrs. Frisby gives them information about the exterminators who were coming.
Who is coming to investigate the rosebush?
Dr. Schultz is coming to investigate the rosebush.
Why do the rats need a decoy when they are leaving the rosebush?
They need a decoy so that the exterminators will not see the real entrance and will think all the rats have died.
What are the men going to use to exterminate the rats?
They are going to use cyanide gas.
What happens to two of the rats who stay behind as decoys?
They die.
Why is the doctor surprised about the question of rabies?
Dr. Schultz comes to see if the rats are from NIMH, not if they have rabies.
How does Mr. Ages help Brutus?
Mr. Ages gives Brutus a smoky liquid.
What happens to the rats at the end of the story?
The rats move to Thorn Valley.
Why does Mrs. Frisby tell her children about their father? How does the story end?
Mrs. Frisby tells her children the whole story of their father because they have a right to know, and they move to their summer home.