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  1. commensalism
  2. symptoms
  3. niches
  4. disease
  5. biofilm
  1. a a complex community of microorganisms that form a protective and adhesive matrix that attaches to a surface, such as a catheter or industrial pipeline
  2. b any change from the general state of good health
  3. c a close and permanent association between two species of organisms in which one species benefits and the other remains unharmed and unaffected
  4. d an indication of some disease or other disorder that is experienced by the patient
  5. e environmental areas that ensure an organism's survival

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  1. a small, localized epidemic
  2. an enzyme produced by some staphylococci that catalyzes the formation of a fibrin clot
  3. the spread of disease through contaminated food or water
  4. an individual who has recovered from a disease but retains the infectious agents in the body and continues to shed them
  5. the number of microorganisms needed to bring about infection

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  1. endogenous infectiona disorder caused by an opportunistic microbe as a result of a primary infection weakening the host


  2. virulence factorsa structure or molecule possessed by a pathogen that increases its ability to invade or cause disease to a host


  3. parasitisma close association between two organisms in which one (the parasite) feeds on the other (the host) and may cause injury to the host


  4. portal of exitthe site at which a pathogen enters the host


  5. exotoxinsa metabolic poison, produced chiefly by gram-negative bacteria, that are part of the bacterial cell wall and consequently are released on cell disintegration; composed of lipid-polysaccharide-peptide complexes