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  1. niches
  2. opportunistic infections
  3. healthcare-associated infections (HAI)
  4. indirect contact
  5. fungemia
  1. a the dissemination of fungi through the circulatory system
  2. b the mode of disease transmission involving nonliving objects
  3. c a disorder caused by a microorganism that does not cause disease but that can become pathogenic or life-threatening if the host has a low level of immunity
  4. d environmental areas that ensure an organism's survival
  5. e an infection resulting from treatment for another condition while in a hospital or healthcare facility

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  1. the presence of toxins in the blood
  2. the number of microorganisms needed to bring about infection
  3. a bacterial metabolic poison composed of protein that is released to the environment; in the human body, it can affect various organs and systems
  4. an enzyme that digests hyaluronic acid and thereby permits the penetration of pathogens through connective tissue
  5. a disorder caused by more than one infectious agent

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  1. hemolysinsthe destruction of red blood cells


  2. invasivenessenvironmental areas that ensure an organism's survival


  3. carrieran individual who has recovered from a disease but retains the infectious agents in the body and continues to shed them


  4. fomitesa poisonous chemical substance produced by an organism


  5. portal of entrythe site at which a pathogen enters the host


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