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  1. endotoxins
  2. commensalism
  3. opportunist
  4. portal of entry
  5. signs
  1. a an indication of the presence of a disease, especially one observed by a doctor but not apparent to the patient
  2. b a close and permanent association between two species of organisms in which one species benefits and the other remains unharmed and unaffected
  3. c a metabolic poison, produced chiefly by gram-negative bacteria, that are part of the bacterial cell wall and consequently are released on cell disintegration; composed of lipid-polysaccharide-peptide complexes
  4. d the site at which a pathogen enters the host
  5. e a microorganism that invades the tissues when body defenses are suppressed

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  1. the presence and spread of viruses through the blood
  2. a growth and spreading of bacterial cells in the bloodstream
  3. an animal disease that may be transmitted to humans
  4. a process by which foreign material or cells are taken into a white blood cell and destroyed
  5. a disease that develops in an otherwise healthy individual

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  1. mutualisma close and permanent association between two populations of organisms in which both benefit from the association


  2. diseaseenvironmental areas that ensure an organism's survival


  3. respiratory dropletsthe location or organism where disease-causing agents exist and maintain their ability for infection


  4. standard precautionsa disorder caused by an opportunistic microbe as a result of a primary infection weakening the host


  5. leukocidinsa bacterial enzyme that destroys phagocytes, thereby preventing phagocytosis