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  1. made up of thick and thin filaments, appear to change width with contraction
  2. hypothesis that the thick and thin filaments do not change width, but slide past each other during a contraction
  3. made up of cells scattered in a rubbery gelatinous matrix of polysaccharides and proteins
  4. hard, hollow structures that envelop the body
  5. globular protein that makes up thin filaments, bound to a Z disk
  6. coordinate movements of paired muscles, they project from processing centers that receive input from sensory systems

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  1. myosinmultiple strands of this make up thick filaments


  2. movementproduced by muscles pulling against resistance provided by a skeleton


  3. skeletonsprovide attachment sites for muscles and a support system for soft tissues


  4. bonemade up of cells in a hard extracellular matrix. composed mostly of calcium and phosphate


  5. hydrostatic skeletonsuse the pressure of internal body fluids to support the body


  6. extensorsswing two long bones toward each other