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  1. multiple strands of this make up thick filaments
  2. use the pressure of internal body fluids to support the body
  3. hard structures inside the body
  4. produced by muscles pulling against resistance provided by a skeleton
  5. straighten bones out
  6. hypothesis that the thick and thin filaments do not change width, but slide past each other during a contraction

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  1. What does motor neuron activity change in response to?myosin


  2. motor neuronscoordinate movements of paired muscles, they project from processing centers that receive input from sensory systems


  3. exoskeletonshard structures inside the body


  4. myofibrilssmall strands that make up muscle fibers


  5. What is skeletal and cardiac muscle compose of?myosin


  6. flexorsprovide attachment sites for muscles and a support system for soft tissues


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