legislative branch (mr. burby)

This is for the Alexander Dawson 8th graders
congress has the power to expel elected officails for comitting crimes
a committee composed of some members of a larger committee
an officail count or survery of a population
a member of a senate
a person who is elected by citizens to speak or act for them
having two branches or chambers
pocket veto
when a president kills a bill passed during the last 10 days Congress is in session by simply refusing to act on it
pigeon hole
to not act on the bill so it will die
a procedure used in the senate to limit debate on a bill
person who tries to persuade someone to support a particular cause
to attempt to block a bill from becoming law by speaking at length against it
-urban affairs
-natural research
-homeland security
-ways and means
-armed forces
-energy and commerce
the constitution was adopted
a box into which a proposed legislative bill is dropped and thereby officailly introduced
-responsible for assisting the leaders
-maintaining communications
-counting voted
-persuading members to vote
a proposed law under consideration by a legislature
the powers of congress
necessary and proper clause, which gives congress the power do to whatever is necessary and proper
speaker of the house
-John Boehner
-leader of the house of representatives
-administers the oath
-gives permission for members to speak
-oversees votes
-2nd in line to president
legislative branch
congress has 2 parts: house of representatives and senate
the senate
-not subject to public opinion
-senators are elected every 6 years
-every state has 2 seats regardless of population
the house of representatives
-a state's population determines how many reps. they will have in the house
-all reps. get elected every 2 years
bill > law
1. introduced
2. comittee hearings
3. floor action
4. return to original house (or skips #4)
5. bill goes to government
6. bill becomes a law
district 1
shelley berkley
district 2
mark amodei
district 3
Joe Heck
US senate majority leader, nevada (D)
harry reid
senator from nevada
dean heller
upper house of the US congress
year consitution was written
year declaration was written
article 1
legislative branch
main parts of the consitution
article 1- legislative
article 2- executive
article 3- judicairy
republican government
a form of government in which citizens elect their leaders to manage the government for the common good
federalists papers
series of essays that defended the constitution and tried to reassure Americans that the states would not be overpowered by the federal government
terms of service of a congressman
2 years
terms of service of a senator
6 years