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People You Gotta Know D

People from USII 1865 - Present Virginia SOL's

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Franklin D. Roosevelt
1. President of the US during most of the Great Depression
2. Came up with the New Deal
3. President of the US during most of WWII
Winston Churchill
Leader of Great Britain during WWII
Joseph Stalin
Leader of the Soviet Union during WWII. He was a Communist Dictator
Adolf Hitler
Leader of Germany during WWII. He was a Fascist Dictator
Hideki Tojo
Leader of Japan during WWII. He was the Prime Minister.
Harry Truman
1. He became the President of the US in 1945 when FDR died.
2. He made the decision to drop the Atom Bombs on Japan.
3. He desegregated the Armed Forces.
George C. Marshall
Came up with the Marshall Plan to give financial aid to the countries of Europe to rebuild after WWII.
Eleanor Roosevelt
1. She worked hard to expand the rights of women and minorities.

2. FDR's wife.
Rosie the Riveter
Character used on posters to encourage women to go to work for the war effort
Benito Mussolini
Leader of Italy during WWII. He was a Fascist Dictator
Charles Drew
An African American Dr. He did research for blood transfusions. He also improved the techniques for storing blood, saving many lives during WWII.
J. Robert Oppenheimer
A physicist. He was the Scientific Director of the Manhattan Project that developed the Atom Bomb.

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