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What type of recitative has only a cello and harpsichord accompaniment?


What type of recitative has other instruments beside cello and harpsichord (usually violins)?


The Italian term for "divided choirs" is ---- spezatti.


Which composer is most associated with music for divided choirs (cori spezzati)?


What is another name for first practice?

stile antico

What is another name for second practice?

stile moderno

An opera overture with the form slow-fast would be most likely written by which of the following?


In which genre was Froberger's contribution the most important historically?


What musical term originally meant "prayer room"?


Who was forced by the Thirty-Years War to start writing for small ensembles?


Where was opera dominated for a long period by a single composer, who had the favor of the king?


Which of the following opera composers was active in Rome?


The style of ornamentation in French harpsichord music was derived from which source?

lute music

In what order did these cities become important in opera? A. Florence B. Naples C. Rome D. Venice Answer in form: ABCD


Galilei, Bardi, Peri, and Caccini belonged to what group?


What group was responsible for the first oratorios?

Archconfraternity of the Crucifix

In what city was the first public opera house opened?


Which of the following would normally have the most imitation?


Which of the following did not write the same music as the other three?


Who wrote a treatise entitled "On the Imperfections of Modern Music?"


What composer was critizided in "On the Imperfections of Modern Music?"


What is an intermediate style that is between the recitative and the aria in melodic design?


Who was the regular librettist for Lully's operas?


What musical term is derived from a word meaning either "to fight" (Latin) or "to unite harmoniously" (Italian)?


Which of the following composers was NOT Lutheran?


What type of sacred music was written to be used on Good Friday in the Lutheran Church?


Who was the first organist to use echo effects of that instrument?


What is the name of the period in which England was controlled by Puritans who thought all theatrical performances were sinful?


What type of chorale composition involved playing the chorale melody one time through?

chorale prelude

What type of chorale composition consisted of variations on a chorale tune?

chorale partita

What type of chorale composition involved free use of the chorale tune?

chorale fantasy

What composer was famous for his Abendmusiken (Evening Musicales) in the city of Lubeck?


Which composer, who taught at German College in Rome, is most famous for his oratorios?


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