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Prepositions with cases

Genitive prepositions with cases in parenthesis.
bez (genitive)
without (possessive)
blizko (blízko - genitive)
near (possessive)
do (genitive)
into, to, until (possessive)
od (genitive)
from (possessive)
okolo (genitive)
around (possessive)
kolem (genitive)
about (possessive i.e: ????? města - around the city)
u (genitive)
at, by (possessive)
vedle (genitive)
next to (possessive)
z / ze (genitive)
from (possessive: hint: Jsem .... )
k (dative)
to (giving)
ke (dative)
towards (giving)
kvuli (kvůli - dative)
because of (giving)
navzdor (dative)
in spite of (giving - new word)
proti (dative)
against (giving)
vuci (vůči - dative)
towards, to, against: (Petr je ???? Evě hodný - Petr is nice TO/TOWARDS Eva)
na (accusative)
on, onto (pointing)
o (accusative)
for, against (pointing - opřít kolo ? zeď : to lean a bike against a wall)
pro (accusative)
for (pointing)
pres (přes - accusative)
in spite of, across (pointing)
za (accusative)
for, on behalf of, in (pointing)
na (locative)
on (place)
o (locative)
about (place)
po (locative)
after (place - Radka je ?? tatínkovi - Radka takes after her father)
v / ve (locative)
in (place)
mezi (instrumental)
between (instrumental)
nad (instrumental)
above, over (instrumental)
pod (instrumental)
under (instrumental)
pred (před - instrumental)
infront of, before (instrumental)
s / se (instrumental)
with (instrumental)
za (instrumental)
behind (instrumental)