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U.S./VA Government Chapters 5 & 6 Vocabulary

Basic level of vocabulary for these units of government.
Political Party
A group of persons who seek to control the government through the winning of elections.
Major Parties
In American politics, the Democrats and the Republicans
Government action based on firm allegiance to a political party
Party in Power
The party that controls the Executive branch of government, presidency at the national level, governor at the state level.
2 Party System
A political system dominated by two major parties
In an election, the number of votes that the leading candidate obtains over the next highest candidate.
Supported by two parties
General agreement among various groups on fundamental matters, broad agreement on public questions
A temporary alliance of several groups who come together to form a working majority and so to control the government
One party system
A political system in which only one party exists.
The current officeholder
A conflicting group; also a subgroup of a bigger group.
All the people entitled to vote in a given election.
Splinter parties
Parties that have broken off from another party
Split ticket voting
Voting for candidates of different parties for different offices at the same election
Suffrage or franchise
The right to Vote
Literacy Tests
Tests used to determine ability to read and write to meet qualifications to vote
Poll Tax
Payment of a special tax as a condition for voting
A procedure of voter identification intended to prevent fraudulent voting
Straight Ticket Voting
The practice of voting for candidates of only one party in an election
Off-year Election
Election in a non Presidential election year
The drawing of electoral district lines to the advantage of a party or group
Political Socialization
The process by which people gain their political attitudes and opinions
Term to describe an individual who have no party affiliation