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  1. Scientific name: Brugia malayi
    Vector ...
  2. Scientific name: Onchocerca volvulus
    Major disease ...
  3. Reduction in chromosomal numbers occur after karyogamy.
  4. Considering the level of infection and the degree of pathogenecity fungal infections are classified into the four groups:
  5. Spores resulting from sexual reproduction.
  1. a Monsonia and Anopheles mosquitos
  2. b River blindness
  3. c Meiosis
  4. d 1. Superficial
    2. Cutaneous
    3. Subcutaneous
    4. Systemic
  5. e Zygospores

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  1. Fission
  2. Saprophytes
  3. Adults found in lymphatics
  4. adult worms
    larval stages
  5. Karygamy

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  1. **Reproduction: Those fungi that have a sexual stage (produce sexual and asexual spore) are called _____,
    whereas those without a sexual stage (produce asexual spore only) are called _____.


  2. Scientific name: Brugia malayi
    Location in host ...
    Adults found in lymphatics


  3. Production of an outgrowth from a parent cell (usually in yeasts).Fission


  4. Scientific name: Onchocerca volvulus
    Vector ...
    Blinding filaria


  5. Three distinct phases of Sexual reproduction.Zygospores