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  1. Scientific name: Wukereriae bancrofti
    Vector ...
  2. Types of heterogametes: (2)
  3. Fusion of the entire contents of two opposite sex gametangia.
  4. Scientific name: Onchocerca volvulus
    Major disease ...
  5. Involved the union of two compatible nuclei and consist of three distinct phases.
  1. a Female Culex and Anopheles mosquitos
  2. b i. antheridium
    ii. oogonium
  3. c Gametangial copulation
  4. d River blindness
  5. e Sexual reproduction

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  1. Monsonia and Anopheles mosquitos
  2. zygote or zygospore
  3. Fungi Perfecti or Perfect fungi
    Fungi Imperfect or Imperfect Fungi
  4. I. Sporangiospores
    II. Condiospor
  5. Fungi grow between 0-37 degrees C.
    Some fungi mature within 3-4 days and some mature within 3-4 weeks.
    Best pH for fungal growth is about 6.

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  1. Refer to the sex organs or gametes which are morphologically INDistinguishable. (similar)Isogametangia or isogametes


  2. Scientific name: Brugia malayi
    Location in host ...
    Malayan filaria


  3. Sexual Methods of Reproduction: (3)1. Planogametic Copulation
    2. Gametangial contact
    3. Gametangial copulation


  4. Outgrowth of hypha that are regarded as a specialized absorbing organs that penetrate into the host cells to obtain nutrients( found only on parasitic fungi).Haustoria ( pl.)---haustorium (sing.)


  5. Scientific name: Loa Loa
    Location in host ...
    Adults found in subcutaneous tissue