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  1. Disease due to infection by fungi.
  2. Outgrowth of hypha that are regarded as a specialized absorbing organs that penetrate into the host cells to obtain nutrients( found only on parasitic fungi).
  3. Scientific name: Loa Loa
    Common name ...
  4. Tissue nematodes (filarials)
    How infection occurs ...
  5. Scientific name: Dracunculus medinesis
    Major disease ...
  1. a Haustoria ( pl.)---haustorium (sing.)
  2. b Filariform larvae enter through bite
  3. c Mycosis
  4. d Systemic allergic reactions
  5. e Eyeworm

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  1. I. Sporangiospores
    II. Condiospor
  2. Gametangial copulation
  3. Monsonia and Anopheles mosquitos
  4. Mycotoxicosis
  5. Karygamy

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  1. Scientific name: Onchocerca volvulus
    Vector ...
    Blinding filaria


  2. Scientific name: Loa Loa
    Vector ...
    Chrysops fly (Deerfly)


  3. Fungal growth:
    1. Temperature for growth:
    2. Incubation time:
    3. Optimum pH:
    Adults found in lymphatics


  4. With a medical emphasis, The kingdom of Myceteae is subdivided into two subkingdoms:Fragmentation


  5. Scientific name: Wukereriae bancrofti
    Common name ...
    Bancrofts filarial