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  1. Those fungi that obtain nutrient from (only) other living cells.
  2. Fusion of the entire contents of two opposite sex gametangia.
  3. Union of two photplasts that bring the two haploid nuclei together within the same cell.
  4. Spores borne on sporangium (sing.) (which are vessels), a sac-like structure whose entire contents are converted into one or more spores which may be motile (aplanospores) by one or two flagella.
  5. Male gametangium.
  1. a Antheridium
  2. b Gametangial copulation
  3. c Sporangiospores
  4. d Plasmogamy
  5. e Parasites

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  1. Zygospores
  2. Elephantiasis
  3. Haustoria ( pl.)---haustorium (sing.)
  4. a. fragmentation
    b. Fission
    c. Budding
    d. Spores
  5. 1. Thallus
    2. Hypha(pl.)--- hyphae(sing)
    3. Mycelium(sing.)
    4. Haustoria ( pl.)---haustorium (sing.)
    5. Rhizoids

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  1. Scientific name: Brugia malayi
    Vector ...
    Chrysops fly (Deerfly)


  2. Those fungi that obtain nutrient from (only) dead or non-living matter.Saprophytes


  3. Scientific name: Brugia malayi
    Location in host ...
    Adults found in subcutaneous tissue


  4. Scientific name: Brugia malayi
    Common name ...


  5. Asexual reproduction AKA ...Somatic or vegetative reproduction