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  1. Male gametangium.
  2. Types of Asexual reproduction: (4)
  3. Splitting of a cell into two daughter cells (usually in yeasts).
  4. Largest tissue roundworm.
  5. Scientific name: Brugia malayi
    Common name ...
  1. a a. fragmentation
    b. Fission
    c. Budding
    d. Spores
  2. b Malayan filaria
  3. c Antheridium
  4. d Dracunculus medinesis
  5. e Fission

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  1. Condiospor
  2. Adults found in subcutaneous tissue
  3. Facultative parasite
  4. Gametangial copulation
  5. adult worms
    larval stages

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  1. Considering the level of infection and the degree of pathogenecity fungal infections are classified into the four groups:Mycosis


  2. Female gametangium.I. Sporangiospores
    II. Condiospor


  3. Fusion of two naked gametes, one or both of which may be motile (plano).Planogametic Copulation


  4. Scientific name: Onchocerca volvulus
    Major disease ...
    Adults found in subcutaneous tissue


  5. Species that produce that produce distinguishable male and female sex organs on each thallus.Condiospor