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  1. Female gametangium.
  2. Production of an outgrowth from a parent cell (usually in yeasts).
  3. Union of two photplasts that bring the two haploid nuclei together within the same cell.
  4. Disease due to infection by fungi.
  5. Dracunculus medinesis Prevention, and Control:
  1. a Budding
  2. b Water FILTRATION
  3. c Plasmogamy
  4. d Mycosis
  5. e Oogonium

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  1. Saprophytes
  2. 1. Superficial
    2. Cutaneous
    3. Subcutaneous
    4. Systemic
  3. Hypha(pl.)--- hyphae(sing)
    septa (Septate)
  4. Female Culex and Anopheles mosquitos
  5. Sporangiospores

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  1. Direct fusion of the two gamtangal cells into one. This takes place by dissolution of the contacting walls of the two gametangia, resulting in a common cell in which the two photoplasm mix and forms a ...Gametangial copulation


  2. Most common method of asexual reproduction in fungi - vary in color, shape and, how they are borne.Spores


  3. Scientific name: Loa Loa
    Major disease ...


  4. Scientific name: Dracunculus medinesis
    How infection occurs ...
    Guinea worm
    Fiery serpent


  5. Fusion of two naked gametes, one or both of which may be motile (plano).Gametangial copulation