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  1. Fungal growth:
    1. Temperature for growth:
    2. Incubation time:
    3. Optimum pH:
  2. Spores resulting from sexual reproduction.
  3. Refer to the sex organs or gametes which are morphologically INDistinguishable. (similar)
  4. Scientific name: Brugia malayi
    Common name ...
  5. Scientific name: Dracunculus medinesis
    How infection occurs ...
  1. a Ingestion of infected CYCLOPS (Cocopod),
    commonly found in still water such as pond or well
  2. b Malayan filaria
  3. c Isogametangia or isogametes
  4. d Zygospores
  5. e Fungi grow between 0-37 degrees C.
    Some fungi mature within 3-4 days and some mature within 3-4 weeks.
    Best pH for fungal growth is about 6.

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  1. a. plasmogamy
    b. karygamy (in lower fungi) or dikaryon (in higher fungi)
    c. meiosis
  2. Mycosis
  3. adult worms
    larval stages
  4. Adults found in subcutaneous tissue
  5. Blinding filaria

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  1. Scientific name: Onchocerca volvulus
    Location in host ...
    Blinding filaria


  2. Species that produce male or female organs on separate thalli- thus a single thallus cannot sexually reproduce itself since it either male or female.Heterogametangia or heterogametes


  3. Considering the level of infection and the degree of pathogenecity fungal infections are classified into the four groups:Mycosis


  4. Scientific name: Wukereriae bancrofti
    Location in host ...


  5. Tissue nematodes (filarials)
    How infection occurs ...
    Wukereriae bancrofti
    Brugia malayi
    Loa Loa
    Onchocerca volvulus