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(v.) to make up for
At one time or another, everyone has done something he or she needs to _____ for.
Syn: expiate, make amends for


(n.) slavery; any state of being bound or held down
Many people escaped the cruel _____ of slavery with the help of the Underground Railroad.
Syn: servitude, captivity, subjection, dependence
Ant: freedom, liberty, independence


(adj.) believable
Do you have a _____ explanation for not completing your assignment on time?
Syn: plausible, acceptable, likely
Ant: unbelievable, implausible, improbable


(v.) to pay for
Corporate sponsors helped to _____ the cost of the charity's annual telethon.
Syn: settle, bear the cost, foot the bill


(adj.) hardworking, industrious, not lazy
_____ employees are likely to be well rewarded for their dedication and hard work.
Syn: assiduous, sedulous
Ant: lazy, indolent, cursory, perfunctory


(adj.) sad; dreary
One look at the player's _____ faces told me that the team had lost the championship game.
Syn: sorrowful, mournful, melancholy, dolorous
Ant: cheerful, blithe, jaunty, buoyant


(adj.) frightful, horrible; deathly pale
Some people are almost afraid to go to sleep because they suffer from _____ recurring nightmares.
Syn: dreadful, appalling, gruesome, grisly
Ant: pleasant, agreeable, attractive, delightful


(v.) to hold back
Poor grades will ______ you in your effort to get a college education.
Syn: hinder, obstruct, impede, inhibit
Ant: facilitate, ease, smooth the way


(v.) to shape or cut down with an ax; to hold to
Even in a crisis, we must _____ to this nation's principles of liberty, equality, and justice.
Syn: chop, hack, fell, adhere, conform


(adj.) poor, in a state of poverty; depleted
After World War II, _____ European countries received U.S. aid under the Marshall Plan.
Syn: poverty-stricken, destitute, indigent
Ant: rich, wealthy, affluent, prosperous


(adj) never stopping, going on all the time
The loud and _____ chatter of the people at the next table made it hard for us to hear each other.
Syn: ceaseless, constant, uninterrupted
Ant: occasional, sporadic, intermittent


(adj) complicated; difficult to understand
Our teacher took us through the _____ solution to the equation step by step.
Syn: complex, convoluted
Ant: simple, uninvolved, uncomplicated


(adj) easy to understand, clear; rational, sane
The ability to speak in a _____ and persuasive fashion is a great asset to a politician.
Syn: limpid, intelligible
Ant: murky, muddy, obscure, unintelligible


(adj) occuring or published after death
Many artists and writers have been ignored during their lifetimes only to achieve _____ fame.
Syn: postmortem
Ant: prenatal


(adj) overly neat, precise, proper, or formal; prudish
How is it that such a _____ and tidy person and such a messy one can be such good friends?
Syn: fussy, fastidious, squeamish
Ant: dowdy, frumpy, sloppy, untidy, loose, lax


(adj) grimly or scornfullly mocking, bitterly sarcastic
Great satirists save their most _____ wit for the greedy, the corrupt, and the hypocritical.
Syn: caustic, mordant, acerbic, wry
Ant: bland, mild, saccharine, good-natured


(adj.) exceeding what is sufficient or required, excess
Neat and well-organized people know how to eliminate all _____ clutter.
Syn: surplus, supererogatory,
Ant: necessary, essential, vital, indispensable


(v.) to take the place of, supersede
Computers rapidly _____ typewriters in the workplace, just as photocopiers replaced carbon paper.
Syn: replace, displace, oust


(v.) to jeer at, mock; (n.) an insulting or mocking remark
It is not at all unusual for brothers and sisters to tease and _____ one another good-naturedly.
For umpires and referees, the _____ of angry fans are just part of the job.
Syn: (v.) ridicule, deride
Ant: (v.) cheer, applaud, acclaim


(adj.) holding fast; holding together firmly; persistent
Athletes must be _____ in the pursuit of excellence if they hope to become Olympic champions.
Syn: obstinate, stubborn, dogged
Ant: yielding, weak, gentle, lax, slack

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