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s'abonner à

to subscribe to


to agree

s'accoutumer à

to get used to

se faire à

to get used to

s'habituer à

to get used to

s'adresser à

to apply to, to refer to


to stop

se baigner

to bathe

se blesser

to hurt oneself, get hurt

se casser la jambe

to break one's leg

se coiffer

to put on one's hat, arrange one's hair

se coucher

to lie down, go to bed, set

se débarrasser de

to get rid of

se décider à

to decide to

se dépêcher

to hurry

se hâter

to hurry

se presser

to hurry

se déshabiller

to get undressed


to escape


to exclaim

s'efforcer de

to strive to


to move off, go farther away

s'emparer de

to get hold of


to catch cold

s'étonner (de)

to be astonished, be surprised (at)

se fâcher (contre)

to get angry (with)

se faire mal

to hurt oneself, get hurt

se fier à

to trust

se figurer

to imagine


to dress, get dressed


to worry

se tourmenter

to worry

s'intéresser à

to be interested in

se laver

to wash, get washed

se méfier de

to mistrust, beware of

se mettre en colère

to get angry, lose one's temper

se mettre en route

to start out

se moquer de

to make fun of, laugh at

se moucher

to blow one's nose

se noyer

to drown

se peigner

to comb one's hair

se pencher

to lean

se précipiter

to rush

se procurer

to obtain, get

se promener

to take a walk

se quereller

to quarrel

se raser

to shave

se rendre compte de

to realize

se reposer

to rest

se réveiller

to wake up

se sentir

to feel

se souvenir de

to remember

se taire

to be silent, keep quiet

se tirer d'affaire

to get along, get out of difficulty

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