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Cours Supérieur - Second List of Reflexive Verbs - p.70

s'abonner à
to subscribe to
to agree
s'accoutumer à
to get used to
se faire à
to get used to
s'habituer à
to get used to
s'adresser à
to apply to, to refer to
to stop
se baigner
to bathe
se blesser
to hurt oneself, get hurt
se casser la jambe
to break one's leg
se coiffer
to put on one's hat, arrange one's hair
se coucher
to lie down, go to bed, set
se débarrasser de
to get rid of
se décider à
to decide to
se dépêcher
to hurry
se hâter
to hurry
se presser
to hurry
se déshabiller
to get undressed
to escape
to exclaim
s'efforcer de
to strive to
to move off, go farther away
s'emparer de
to get hold of
to catch cold
s'étonner (de)
to be astonished, be surprised (at)
se fâcher (contre)
to get angry (with)
se faire mal
to hurt oneself, get hurt
se fier à
to trust
se figurer
to imagine
to dress, get dressed
to worry
se tourmenter
to worry
s'intéresser à
to be interested in
se laver
to wash, get washed
se méfier de
to mistrust, beware of
se mettre en colère
to get angry, lose one's temper
se mettre en route
to start out
se moquer de
to make fun of, laugh at
se moucher
to blow one's nose
se noyer
to drown
se peigner
to comb one's hair
se pencher
to lean
se précipiter
to rush
se procurer
to obtain, get
se promener
to take a walk
se quereller
to quarrel
se raser
to shave
se rendre compte de
to realize
se reposer
to rest
se réveiller
to wake up
se sentir
to feel
se souvenir de
to remember
se taire
to be silent, keep quiet
se tirer d'affaire
to get along, get out of difficulty