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Sparta and Athens

What is Sparta?
A city-state in southern Greece
Describe life in Sparta compared to life in Athens?
Athens was free and open, Sparta was harsh
What was the one basic rule of Sparta?
Always put the cities needs before your own
Who were the helots?
servants of Sparta
Describe life for a Spartan boy.
at 7 he went to live in barracks. by 12, he spent hours practicing with swords and spears
Describe life for a Spartan girl.
Like boys they trained and competed in wrestling and spear throwing
Who founded the Persian Empire?
Cyrus the Great
Describe the Battle of Marathon.
What was the Peloponnesian War?
a conflict between Athens and Sparta that lasted 27 yrs.
Who is Thucydides?
Greek historian
What is a plague?
widespread disease
What is a blockade?
action taken to isolate an enemy and cut off its supplies