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  1. the dutch
  2. china
  3. trung trac
  4. they used military forces
  5. Afonso de Albuquerque
  1. a who took over control of the spice trade from Portuguese?
  2. b one of two rulers who drove the Chinese out of Vietnam
  3. c this civilization strictly controlled european trading rights
  4. d how did portugal gain control of trade in southeast asia
  5. e military leader who ended muslim control of Indian Ocean Trade

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  1. this country dominated trade in India in the late 1700s
  2. this civilization greatly influenced southeast asia
  3. a device used to measure the angle of the sun and the stars above the horizon
  4. how did Prince Henry change the course of Portugal's history?
  5. navigator who wanted to find a sea route through the Americas to the Indies

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  1. chinaWhich of the following controlled Vietnam?


  2. cartographer"i'll name this new land I've drawn America."


  3. they restricted foreign tradethe ming and qing dynasties followed which of the following policies regarding foreign trade.


  4. they wanted to find new trade routeshow did portugal gain control of trade in southeast asia


  5. henry the navigatorto sail around the world