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  1. trung trac
  2. christopher columbus
  3. they wanted to find new trade routes
  4. cartographer
  5. dutch
  1. a a mapmaker
  2. b "i am sure as the sun sets that i can reach the Indies by sailing west"
  3. c in the 1600's the portuguese lost control of trade in the indian ocean to the...
  4. d which of the following best explained why European rulers encouraged ocean exploration?
  5. e one of two rulers who drove the Chinese out of Vietnam

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  1. which of the following was true of Japan under the Tokugawa shotguns?
  2. who took over control of the spice trade from Portuguese?
  3. magellan reached these islands
  4. "the british east india company pays my wages"
  5. to sail around the world

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  1. chinaWhich of the following controlled Vietnam?


  2. a cartographer"i'll name this new land I've drawn America."


  3. chinathis civilization greatly influenced southeast asia


  4. caravela ship with square and triangular sails


  5. Afonso de Albuquerquemilitary leader who ended muslim control of Indian Ocean Trade


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