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Families in Society Exam 2


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Definition of family law
Professional field dedicated to the interpretation and application of policies that are relevant to families
Policies encompass issues such as
divorce, spousal support, child support, custody, division of assets and liabilities due to divorce, adoption, termination of parental rights, paternity, dependency and child neglect, protection from abuse
In regard to family law history, know what changed when marriage became as a status rather than just a contract
Mid-century evolution of marriage and law: marriage becomes a status not a contract (each spouse has gender-based legal rights and obligations)
plan or course of action carried out through a law, rule, code, or other mechanism in the public or private sectors
Family Policy
directly impacts the lives of families and the mechanisms through which family service workers may help/intervene; policy (laws, rules, and regulations) that directly supports the 5 functions of families; aims to protect, promote, and strengthen families via direct or implicit/indirect influence on one or more of the 5 family functions
5 family functions
family formation
partner relationships
economic support
What is the family impact lens
asks "What is the impact of this policy, program, or practice on families?"
Family impact lens analyzes
1. Consequences of a policy or program on family well being (e.g. prison policy, social security reform)
2. How families are used as a means to accomplish other policy ends (e.g. child care in the workplace--could be disguised attempt to improve employee productivity)
3. When families act as administrators of public policy by determining eligibility (e.g. survivor benefits, immigration status) and distributing benefits to members (e.g. applying for Earned Income Tax Credit)
Legal definition of family slide
-No explicit definition of "family" in the law
-Courts define this on a case-by-case basis, though often, the "traditional" view of family is standard reference
-Stanley v. Illinois (1972)-US Supreme Court rules court should make a determination of family based on the facts of the case, not based on a rigid or formal definition of the family unit
Know why family policy matters
-Family is both a private matter and a public issue
-Families are the building blocks of society
9 roles that professionals play in the policy arena
-research for family policy formation
-family policy implementation
-family policy evaluation
-family research integration
-family research dissemination
-family impact analysis
-teaching of family policy
-citizen engagement in family policy making
-university involvement in family policy scholarship