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Energy Crisis
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Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 1992Upholds the right for an abortionIncrease in the Budget Deficit and National DebtTax cuts and defense spending leads to a large national debt in the 80'sMedicare Modernization Act, 2003Bush adds benefits for prescription drugs to the medicare systemStrategic Defense Initiative (SDI)Reagan's program to create laser satellites against nuclear missles -referred to as the Star Wars planMikhail GorbechevLeader of the Soviet union beginning in 1985 -political and economic reform -good relationship with U.S. (détente)Iran-Contra Scandal, 1987Contra forces (group of revolutionaries) are trying to overthrow Nicaragua's communist government -U.S. sells weapons to Iran in exchange for American hostages -Iran gives money to Contra for the overthrow -Bites our government *********** when it comes back around (Contra try to smuggle drugs into U.S.)Strategic Arms Reduction TalksReagan and the Soviets reduce the number of Nuclear weaponsIntermediate Nuclear Force Treaty, 1987Destruction of U.S. and Soviet missiles in EuropeFall of the Berlin Wall, 1989Torn down in 1989, marking the end of the Cold WarFall of the Soviet Union, 1991Occurred due to the rise in nationalism and independence of the Soviet satellites and economic problems -December 26, 1991 is the last dayPersian Gulf War, 1991Under Bush, the U.S. defeats Iraq when Sadaam Husein of Iraq leads an invasion on KuwaitDayton Agreement, 1995Signed by three Bosnian ethnic groups in Dayton, Ohio agreeing to end their civil warBombing of Yugoslavia, 1999NATO bombs Yugoslavia in order to remove troops from KosovoAl QuedaTerrorist network started in 1989 by Osama Bin Laden -Militant Islamic group (violent)TalibanMuslim fundamentalists gain control of Afghanistan in 1996 and uphold a very strict governmentAttacks of September 11, 2001The World Trade Center and the Pentagon are where the attacks occurned and over 3000 were killed -starts the war on terrorismPatriot Act, 2001Allows the government to deal with suspected terrorists -passed by BushDepartment of Homeland Security, 2001Cabinet department (executive branch) to protect the U.S. from terrorist attacks, accidents, and natural disastersWar in Afghanistan, 2001Starts after 9/11 when NATO forces lead by the U.S. dismantle Al Queda and attempt to remove the Taliban from powerIraq War, 2003-2011Operation Iraqi Freedom -we occupy Iraq and help to form a new governmentRust BeltNortheastern states experience economic decline, population loss, and urban decay due to loss of industryNorth American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), 1993Agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to eliminate tariffsThe Third WayBill Clinton seeking to achieve liberal objectives (like equal opportunity) through conservative means (like supporting buisness)The Affordable Care Act, 2010Also known as ObamaCare -reforming of the health care system for universal coverage -rejected under Clinton and passes under ObamaInformation technologyThe economic boom of the mid 90's lead by computers and telecommunicationKyoto Agreement, 1997United Nations agreement to reduce emissions rates of carbon dioxide into the airGlobal warmingIdea of the gradual warming of the earths surfaceImmigration Reform and Control Act, 1986A law that prohibits hiring illegals (undocumented foreigners) -it grants legal residents if u enter the U.S. before 1982Immigration Act of 1990Increases the number of immigrants allowed into the U.S. per year -preference for skilled workersCultural PluralismCoexistence of many cultures to reduce sexism, racism, and discriminationGlass CeilingTerm used to describe the barrier preventing women and sometimes minorities from rising higher within companiesNancy PelosiFirst woman speaker of the HouseBarack ObamaFirst African American PresidentUnited States v. Windsor, 2013It is unconstitutional to deny the federal benefits of marriage to same-sex couples where marriage was preformed or recognized in states where same-sex marriage is legalWeapons of mass destructionNuclear, chemical, and biological weapons that kill large numbeZrs -one of the reasons for invading IraqBoomburbsRapidly growing suburb citiesDon't Ask, Don't Tell, 1994Prohibits the military from discrimination against homosexuals, BUT bars any openly homosexual from serving -Under President ClintonDefense of Marriage Act, 1996A federal law defining marriage as a legal contract between a man and a woman -Under President Clinton