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abrasive nail file

thin elongated board with a rough surface, file the free edge of nails.

abrasive scrubs

Slightly abrasive products containing softening agents or oils to penetrate dry, flaky skin and calluses that need to be smoothed during a pedicure


aluminum salt used as a styptic (agent used to stop bleeding) in powder form or solution

booth manicure

manicure that is given in a booth and not at the manicuring table

base coat

colorless liquid applied to the natural nail before the application of a colored polish

callus softeners

Helps soften and smooth calluses, especially on heels and over pressure points.


multi-use too used to shorten the nail plate is a nail


Small, spoon-shaped instrument used for cleaning debris from edges of nail plate.

cuticle creams

usually have a base of lanolin, petroleum, or beeswax designed to prevent or correct brittle nails and dry cuticles

cuticle nipper

small cutting tool used to nip or cut excess cuticle at the base of the nail

cuticle oil

soften and lubricate the cuticle around the fingernail and to nails

cuticle pusher

implement used to loosen and push back the cuticle around the fingernails or toenails; shaped to conform to the shape of the nails

cuticle remover

solution of alkali, glycerin, and water used to soften and remove dead cuticle from around the nail


To avoid risk of infection, nippers should never be used on a client who is

diamond nail file

metal implement with diamond dust embedded in the metal, files the free edge of the toenails and in some cases thins them


a chemical that should never be added to the footbath with the clients feet

dry nail polish

powder or paste used with a chamois buffer to ass shine to the nail

emery board

disposable manicuring instrument with rough cutting ridges, used for shaping the nails with the coarse side and smoothing them with the finer side

exfoliating scrubs

Preparations used to remove dry or scaly skin on feet and legs.


spa maincures should include a relaxing massage and some sort of

foot files or paddles

Large abrasive files used to smooth, remove dry flaky skin and reduce thicker areas of calluses.

foot lotion, oil, or cream

Products used to condition and moisturize feet: also used for performing a foot massage.

foot soaks

Products containing gentle soaps, moisturizers, and so on, used in a pedicure bath to cleanse and soften skin.

formaldehyde hardeners

nail hardeners that utilize keratin fibers to streghten the nail and contain no more than 5 percent formaldehyde

french manicure

manicure in which the free edge of the nail is polished, tipped, or sclupted in an opaque colo while the nail plate is is polished or left a more translucent color

friction movement

Frim pressure applied to bottom of foot using thumb compression to work from side to side and toward the heel.

hand creams

creams made up of emollients and humectants, recommended for dry, chapped or irritated skin

hand lotions

similar in composition to hand creams but with a thinner consistency due to higher oil content

hand movements

Movements used in therapeutic massage


half moon at base of natural nail

liquid nail polish or lacquer

thick liquid used to color or gloss the nail

liquid soap

Used in pedicuring, contains a mild detergent for cleansing feet.

Loosen & Disolves Dead Tissue

cuticale remover that typically contain sodium or potassium hydroxide are used to




Usually composed of mineral clays, moisturizing agents, skin softeners, aromatherapy oils and beneficial extracts.

massage oils

Blends of oils used to lubricate, moisturize, and invigorate skin during a massage.

massage preparations

Oils, creams, lotions used to lubricate, moisturize, and invigorate skin.

nail bleach

product used to remove stains and whiten the nails

Nail Brush

implement used to clean under and around fingernails, remove dust and debris, with warm water and soap

nail buffer

made of leather or chamois used with polishing powder or paste to polish the nails to a high luster

nail file

metal instrument with a specially prepared surface used to file and shape the nails

nail hardener

product designed to prevent nails from splitting or peeling

nail rasp

Metal file with an edge that can file the nail plate in only one direction.


Instrument used for manicures and pedicures,trim tags of dead skin.


type of nail polish remover recommended when removing polish from wrap type of nail enhancements

nylon fiber hardeners

are a combination of clear polish and nylon fibers applied first vertically then horizontally on the nail plate

orangewood stick

made from wood of the orange tree used to loosen the cuticle around the base of the nail or to clean under the free edge


a foot file also knowen as

parafin baths

Used to stimlate circulation , reduce inflammation and provide circulation to the affected joints.


Standard service performed by cosmetologists, includes care and massage of feet( trimming, shaping, and polishing toenails)

pedicure slippers

Disposable paper or foam slippers are needed for those clients who have not worn open-toed shoes.

protein hardeners

nail hardeners that are a combination of clear polish and a protein such as collagen

Pumice Powder

mild abrasive that polishes fine scratches from the surface of the nail plate

Relaxer Movement

form of massage "joint movement"

Sanitize & Disinfect

prior to reusing any bruch or applicator, that comes in contact with clients nails or skin, must be properly

Self Disinfecting

products that can not harbor the growth of pathogen have brushes that are considered to be


agent used to stop bleeding


term describing a square nail with the ends rounded or taken off


Massage movement using a short, quick hacking, slapping, or tapping technique.

toe separators

Foam rubber toe separators or cotton are used to keep toes apart while polishing the nails.

toenail clippers

Professional instruments with curved or straight jaws used for cutting toenails.

top coat or sealer

liquid, colorless nail enamel applied over polish to protect the polish, prevent chipping, and impart a high gloss


implement used to lift small bits of cuticle from the nail

Wooden Pusher

manicuring implement not designed for reuse on an additional client

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