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Academic Excellence Award
Presented annually to those chapters and colonies which exhibit an outstanding record of academic achievement. To receive this award, the GPA of the chapter or colony must be .1 above the all men's average on their campus.
Administrative Excellence Award
Presented annually to those chapters and colonies which exhibit an outstanding record of compliance with administrative reporting requirements. 100 percent of the required reports (including risk management) must be filed with the Executive Offices during the school year to qualify for this award (90 percent must be filed on time).
Harold E. Angelo Award
Presented to those chapters which have shown the greatest improvement compared with their record the previous year, the award honors Harold E. "Hap" Angelo, Mississippi State '42, former field secretary, National President, Foundation Board member and North American Interfraternity Council Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Jack L. Anson Undergraduate Award
Recognizes an undergraduate member for outstanding inerfraternal service. Jack L. Anson, Colgate '47, joined the Fraternity's professional staff in 1948 and began an unprecedented 22-year career with Phi Kappa Tau as field secretary, assistant national secretary and then executive director. During this period, he also served as editor of The Laurel. In late 1970, he was named the first executive director of the National Interfraternity Conference. At his death in 1990, he was serving on the Fraternity's National Council, had been named president-elect and was writing the 20th edition of Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities.
Taylor A. Borradaile Undergraduate Memorial Award
This award is presented to the undergraduate who, by his actions, has shown leadership and a true understanding of brotherhood. This award is named for Honored Founder Taylor A. Borradaile.
Clinton D. Boyd Award for Vice President for Alumni Relations
This award is presented to the vice president for alumni relations, develops and implements the best alumni relations program for his chapter. The award is named for Honored Founder Clinton D. Boyd.
John F. Cosgrove Spirit and Leadership Award
An award established by John F. Cosgrove, Florida '68, to recognize an undergraduate who best demonstrates the spirit of Leadership Academy.
Community Service Award
Given to one chapter/colony in each of three categories determined by the number of fraternity chapters on campus. The criteria is based on outstanding work in philanthropy and community service events that are sponsored by the chapter/colony, projects that are done cooperatively with other organizations, and community service work that is done by individual members.
Dwight I. Douglass President's Award
This award recognizes a chapter president for general administrative excellence and is named for Honored Founder Dwight I. Douglass.
Frederick R. Fletemeyer Prize
Named for F. R. Fletemeyer, Illinois '16, this award is presented to the Fraternity's outstanding colony each year.
Greg Hollen Colony President Award
This award recognizes a colony president for general administrative excellence and is named in honor of Greg Hollen, Maryland '75, past National President.
Roland Maxwell Outstanding Chapter Trophy
The Maxwell award is presented to the most outstanding chapter in the Fraternity. Evaluations are based on the Borradaile Challenge, a written application in response to awards committee generated questions and, if chosen, a presentation at the summer national event. The award is named in honor of Roland Maxwell, Southern California '22.
Richard Massock Award
The Massock Award is presented to recognize the most outstanding chapter-produced newsletters and alumni programming. The award honors Richard G. Massock, Illinois '17, former Associated Press correspondent and bureau chief, who served as editor of Sidelights, forerunner of The Laurel.
Monroe Moosnick Scholarship Trophy
This award honors Dr. Monroe Moosnick, Transylvania '53, former National Education Director and long-time chapter advisor and member of the Board of Governors at Theta chapter. This award is presented to the chapter that has the highest cumulative GPA as determined by the educational director from the chapter scholarship report.
Paul Newman Award
Presented to recognize those chapters that raise the highest dollar amount to benefit The Hole in the Wall Camps. Named in honor of Hole in the Wall Gang Camps founder Paul Newman, Ohio '43.
Order of the Star Award
Presented to chapters that meet Order of the Star expectations via the Borradaile Challenge.
William H. Shideler Award
The Fraternity's highest undergraduate honor, presented annually to the most outstanding graduating senior in Phi Kappa Tau. The award is named for Honored Founder William H. Shideler.
William D. Jenkins Interfraternity Excellence Award
Recognizes a non-member, undergraduate student for contributions to the Greek community. The award is named in honor of William D. Jenkins, Bowling Green '57. Jenkins has served Phi Kappa Tau as a field secretary, executive director, executive vice president of the Foundation and Centennial coordinator. He is also just one of two members of Phi Kappa Tau to serve the North American Interfraternity Conference as President. "Mr. Bill," as he is known, has also been awarded the Jack Anson Award from the Association of Fraternity Advisors and the Distinguished Service Award from Fraternity Editors Association.