Ch. 7 IDs

Wu Wang
an aristocrat that led a rebelion against Shang. He began a new Dynasty called Zhou.
Chinese philosopher, administrator, and moralist. His social and moral teachings, collected in the Analects , tried to replace former religious observances
the "Old Master" who encouraged people to give up worldly desires in favor of nature; he founded Taoism (Daoism)
founder of legalism and believed that harsh punishments were the only way to control people
Qin Shihuangdi
Ruler of China who united China for the first time. He built road and canals and began the Great Wall of China. He also imposed a standard system of laws, money, weights, and writing.
Liu Bang
founder of the Han Dynasty
Han Wudi
The most important Han Emperor. Expanded the Empire in all directions. Created the Civil Service System. Established Public Schools.