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  1. Boni Viri
  2. Vandals
  3. Islam
  4. Concordat of Worms
  5. 732 AD
  1. a Agreement between the Church and the Holy Roman Empire with regards to lay investiture
  2. b One of the most destructive of the barbarian invaders, adopted Arianism when they converted to Christianity
  3. c Date of the Battle of Tours
  4. d Word meaning "submission"
  5. e "good men," those who were called upon to decide if an accused person was guilty and what punishment they should receive

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  1. The appointment of a bishop, abbot, or church official by the king or another non-church leader
  2. Abraham's son by Hagar, Sarah's servant. The founder of the Arab tribes
  3. remission of the temporal punishment for sin
  4. Carolingian monarch of Franks; responsible for defeating Muslims in battle of Tours in 732; ended Muslim threat to western Europe.
  5. king of the Franks and first Holy Roman Emperor

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  1. VisigothsFirst of the Germanic tribes to invade and attack the city of Rome


  2. Emperor Henry IVemperor who ruled at the height of the Byzantine Empire and built the Hagia Sophia


  3. IslamIslamic word for God


  4. Byzantine EmpireEmpire in the East which has Constantinople as its capital


  5. Inquisitora former tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church (1232-1820) created to discover and suppress heresy