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  1. Muhammad
  2. Caesaropapism
  3. Carolingian Renaissance
  4. 732 AD
  5. Teutonic Knights
  1. a When the temporal ruler extends his power into matters of the Church
  2. b The prophet, founder of Islam
  3. c Knights who were modeled after the Knights Hospitallers
  4. d name for the renaissance started by Charlemagne to improve writing and reading in his empire
  5. e Date of the Battle of Tours

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  1. Last of the barbarian invaders, originated in China
  2. The appointment of a bishop, abbot, or church official by the king or another non-church leader
  3. The split between the Easter and Western churches which happened in 1034
  4. Peace of Rome
  5. Pope who initiated the Crusades

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  1. Inquisitionspecial judges appointed based on their moral and religious character to examine individuals accused of heresy


  2. IslamIslamic word for God


  3. Charles MartelCarolingian monarch of Franks; responsible for defeating Muslims in battle of Tours in 732; ended Muslim threat to western Europe.


  4. Pope St. Gregory VIIPope who initiated the Crusades


  5. Visigothsthe buying and selling of Church offices


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