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  1. Boni Viri
  2. 476 AD
  3. Knights of Malta
  4. Ishmael
  5. Apostolic See
  1. a Term used for the papacy
  2. b Name for the modern day Knights Hospitallers
  3. c Abraham's son by Hagar, Sarah's servant. The founder of the Arab tribes
  4. d Date of the collapse of the Roman Empire
  5. e "good men," those who were called upon to decide if an accused person was guilty and what punishment they should receive

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  1. The prophet, founder of Islam
  2. One of the most destructive of the barbarian invaders, adopted Arianism when they converted to Christianity
  3. Date of the Battle of Tours
  4. title for the heads of the Eastern Orthodox Churches
  5. The leader of the Muslims in the third crusade and captured Jerusalem in 1187.

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  1. HijrahMuhammad's migration from Mecca to Medina


  2. Lay InvestitureThe appointment of a bishop, abbot, or church official by the king or another non-church leader


  3. Pax RomanaPeace of Rome


  4. CrusadeDate of the Battle of Tours


  5. AlbigensianismA gnostic heresy which plagued Europe in the Middle Ages and sparked the establishment of the Inquisition