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Bro. Wright


united with the voice of the people when Pahoran was selected to be chief judge; later killed by Coriantumr


started a rebellion when Pahoran was selected as chief judge; was later put to death


selected as chief judge but killed by Kishkumen


leader of the band of Kishkumen; enjoyed secret works of murder and robbery


to buy or purchase (usually from slavery)

Gadianton robbers

swore to protect and preserve one another that they should not suffer for their murders/plundering/stealing; distinguished themselves with secret signs and secret words; came from Satan

sealing power

what Nephi was given because of his unwearyingness in declaring the word and for seeking the will of the Lord


what Nephi asks the Lord to replace the war with so that the people will remember Him


who was THE prophet at the time of Samuel the Lamanite

the righteous

why wasn't Zarahemla destroyed in the time of Samuel the Lamanite


who does Samuel the Lamanite cite as an expample of repentance

coming of Christ

from which new event the Nephites began to reckon time?

chief captain

it was Nephite custom to appoint someone with the spirit of revelation and prophecy to this position


how many years could the Nephites provisions last against the Gadianton robbers?


prophecy Mormon makes about the remnant of _________ coming to knowledge of the Lord their God


prophecy Mormon makes about a remnant of _________ being brought together and restoring them to a knowledge of the covenant

3 hours

how long did the storm last at the time of Christ's death?

3 days

how long did the thick darkness last?

Holy Ghost

what promise is given to those who will believe and be baptized with water?

kingdom of heaven

Poor in spirit who come unto me


All they that mourn

inherit the earth

The meek

Holy Ghost

Hunger and thirst after righteousness



see God

pure in heart

children of God


kingdom of heaven

persecuted for my namesake


where Jesus us tells us to pray


those that hear and do His sayings build their house upon the _____


Jesus wept because of the ______ of the people


how many people were assembled with Jesus?


search the words of ____________


symbolizes covenant between Jehovah and Israel

Samuel the Lamanite

which prophet had Nephi forgotten to record?

animal sacrifice

what practice will return during the restoration of the temple at New Jerusalem


what percentage of Jesus' teachings did Mormon write


He shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children


the good news


what zion means in Hebrew


the Holy Ghost constrained this record keeper to hide up the records in AD 320


to change from one form to another (long term physical change)


short term physical change (temporarily endure God's glory)

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