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Windows 7 terms from textbook

Windows 7

It is the newest version of Microsoft Windows , which is the most popular and widely used operating system.

Shortcut Key

They way to perform a task using the keyboard is to, and you press one or more keyboard keys.

Restart Command

It closes open programs, shuts down Windows 7, and then restarts Windows 7 and displays the Welcome screen.

Recycle Bin

The location of files that have been deleted, appears on the desktop by default.


It is a named unit of storage.


It is a collection of individual programs available together as a unit.

Start Menu

It allows you to access programs, folders, and files on the computer and contains commands that allow you to start programs, store and search for documents, customize the computer, and obtain help about thousands of topics.


It is a list of related items, including folders, programs, and commands.


On a menu performs a specific action, such as saving a file or obtaining help.

Document Window

You view a portion of a document on the screen through a document window.

Print Layout View

It shows the document on a mock sheet of paper in the document window.

Status Bar

It is located at the bottom of the document window above the Windows 7 taskbar, presents information about the document, the progress of current tasks, and the status of certain commands and keys.


It is the control center in Word and other Office programs.


It is a set of choices, often graphical, arranged in a grid or in a list.

Mini Toolbar

It contains commands related to changing appearance of text in a document.


It consists of a drive letter (preceded by a drive name when necessary) and colon, to identify the storage device, and one or more folder names.

Folder Windows

It is for finding, viewing, and managing information on their computer.

Address Bar

It provides quick navigation.

Refresh Button

It is on the right side of the address bar refreshes the contents of the right pane of the folder window.

Command Bar

It is used to accomplish various tasks on the computer related to organizing and managing the contents of the open window.


It helps you manage multiple folders and files stored in various locations on a computer.


It is the process of finding a location on a storage device.

Minimized Window

It is an open window hidden from view but can be displayed quickly by clicking the window's program button on the taskbar.

Screen Resolution

It indicates the number of pixels that the computer uses to display the letters, numbers, graphics, and background you see on the screen.

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