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Ancient Egypt Mid-term 2 part 1

1st name of royal name
Son of Horus
2nd part of royal name
Nebti (he of the two ladies, vulture and cobra)
3rd part of royal name
Golden Horus
4th part of royal name
He of the sedge and bee (throne name)
5th part of royal name
Son of Ra
When does the old kingdom collapse?
2,200 BC, the 1st intermediate period
What became the major power?
What is name of Herakleopolis in Egyptian?
Who is the god of Herakleopolis (Hnes)?
Hery-shaf, he who is on top of his lake, ram headed god with southern crown
What happened to Egypt in the 1st intermediate period?
The north and south split. Osiris becomes a popular god.
What are the two crowns of Osiris?
The southern crown and a crown with feathers on the side.
Besides Osiris, who else is an important god of this time?
Ra-Horakhty, (Ra-horus the horizony, double horizon)
Osiris is often depicted witht he other most important god of this time, who is he?
What are the two symbols of kingship?
The crook and the flail
What does the crook symbolize?
The sheperd's staff, the king is the sheperd of his people
What does the flail symbolize?
A weapon, the king uses it to beat back the enemies of his people
Osiris is the greek spelling, what is the egyptian?
Wsir or Ausar
What does Ausar or Wsir mean?
wsr means mighty, so probably "the mighty one"
What is the spelling of Osiris' name look like?
An eye above a throne.
What are Osiris' two lesser known names and what do they mean?
Wenna-nefer (the one who was created perfectly) and Khenty-Amentiu (foremost of the westerners), khenty means in front.
Who is the lord of eternity?
What is our primary source for the Osiris Isis tale?
Plutarch's Moralia
Ra's greek name?
Geb and Nut's greek names?
Cronos and Rhea
What does Ra forbid Nut to do?
Give birth any day of the month
How does Nut give birth?
Thoth gambles the moon for time by winning games of Senet with it, he adds five non-month days to the calendar.
Who does she give birth to in order?
Osiris, Elder Horus, Seth, Isis and Nephthys
What are the greek names of elder horus and Seth?
Aroarus and Typhon
What day is unlucky to egyptians?
The third day of a month, Seth burst out on this day.
How is Horus related to Osiris?
He can either be his brother or son.
How is Horus related to Seth
He can either be his younger brother or nephew
What does Osiris introduce to egyptians?
Cultivation, agriculture and law.
How does Seth get rid of Osiris?
Makes a box with his dimensions and offers it to the gods if any can fit within, nails Osiris inside and floats it down the river.
Where does the coffin come to rest?
In byblos of Phonecia, a tree grows overnight around the box.
What happened between Osiris and Nephthys?
She disguised herself as Isis and the two made Anubis, Isis finds him and takes care of this 'orphan' and Anubis becomes her guardian.
Isis becomes a what at when to look for Osiris?
A kite at night, in the day she takes care of the queens son and tries to make him immortal by burning his mortal parts away.
With the fire boy, what tale does Plutarch embellish?
The tale of Demeter and Persephone
Who finds the body of Osiris after Isis?
Seth, he cuts it into 14 pieces and scatters them across Egypt.
Supposedly Isis while looking for O's parts...
Has a separate burial for each, brings all the parts back together except for one so she makes a new one and consecrates it, creates Horus from this.
Osiris became popular because...
During the split in the 1st intermediate period, the system of afterlife fell apart due to kings not getting in, he became popular due to the democritization of the after life, now everyone (not specifically subjects) had a chance at life after death.
What are the oldest religious documents in the world?
The pyramid texts
When was relatively the last pyramid with text?
The queens tomb in the 6th dynasty (tiny period in 8th with it)
What does the djed pillar represent and who?
It symbolizes stability and support, osiris
What does Osiris represent?
The cycle of agriculture or life. When the flood comes in for the crops it is like Osiris is returning from the dead, life death and rebirth, he is Kemet
If Osiris is Kemet who is Deshret?
What does Auf mean in ancient egyptian?
How is Auf like Osiris?
He is pictured with Isis and Nephthys, he is born then dies and comes back again, that is why Ra is said to be in Osiris (the cycle of the sun)
The city Busiris is named after who?
Where is Busiris?
Middle-North of the delta
Was Osiris based on a real ruler?
We don't know, maybe
What is Abydos and what is it full of?
It is a necropolis and it is full of Mastaba
Where is Um-el-ga'ab and what does it mean?
Subsection of tombs in Abydos where the 1st and 2nd dynasty rulers lye. It means mother of pots.
In Abydos, who does the tomb of Osiris actually belong to?
King Djer
What does the sacred fetish of Abydos look like?
A staff with a crown on it and a round container. Horus and Isis stand next to it in picture.
What may the fetish of Abydos been?
Perhaps the disembodied head of Osiris
Nephthys was named what by plutarch?
Plutarch calls elder horus what?
Plutarch calls Osiris what?
Chest of Osiris was carried away by what body of water?
The tanitic mouth, still hated by egyptians in plutarchs time
What does Kopto mean in Greek?
Cut or strike. With Isis she is cut off from Osiris, hence why the place is called Koptos
Egyptians believed children...
Have an aptitude for prophecy, the try to divine the future with children's words
King byblus...
cuts down plant where the coffin rests
In Isis Osiris story the queens' name was...
Astarte, name of a Libyan goddess
Isis nurses the queens child with?
Her finger
Isis explains who she is and wants...
The queen to give her the tree with Osiris' coffin inside.
When she cries...
The king's youngest son who was with her dies
Maneros who finds her opening the coffin...
Dies of fright from Isis' glare
What does Maneros mean?
Good luck in our ways!
What is the moral of the Osiris story?
Enjoy life because we will all end up like him eventually
Isis goes to Horus in...
Buto and Seth finds the chest and cuts the body into 14 pieces
Isis holds a funeral for...
Each piece of Osiris where she finds it
Osiris believes Horus is ready to fight Seth when...
He asks him which animal would be best for battle, instead of a lion Horus tells him a horse would be best, an enemy can't escape a horse.
When Isis allows Seth to go, Horus...
Tears the diadem from isis' head, Thoth gives her a cow-shaped crown to wear instead.
Osiris in this story mates with Isis and...
Harpocrates is born defective in his lower limbs
What is the protodynastic period?
Dynasty 0 or Naqada III
Herakleopolis was important when and also called what?
Major city during the 1st intermediate period and it was also called In-hnasya
What does heliopolis mean in Egyptian?
City of the obelisk, On or Yunu was name.
Who is the solar barque supposed to be?
What does Nephthys name mean?
Nbt=bowl, hwt=house or temple, so mistress of the temple.
Isis means what in ancient egyptian?
The throne and is written 3st
Why is the throne important to egyptians?
The throne creates the king, it transfers the power of the dead king to the living king.
1st group above name is what?
What are dead kings referred to as?
What animal form does Nephthys share with Isis?
A kite
Who else can Isis look like?
Hathor, they can both have the same crown, look for the name.
What does Isis hide behind with Horus?
Papyrus stalks, away from Seth.
How does picture show Isis mating with Osiris?
She's in kite form over his mummified body with an erection
What is fetish of Isis?
The tiet (knot), a type of tied sash.
What are common artifacts in ancient egypt?
What does cippus depict?
naked horus standing atop two crocodiles and holding a snake in his hand, it represents power over dangerous and poisonous animals
What is the biggest cippus?
The metternich stela
What is significance of a side-lock?
Egyptian boys grew them on one side of their heads until they were considered adults.
Vulture on top of...Cobra on top of...
Lotus, papyrus
Nebti means...
The two ladies
Nebet means...
What does Isis do when Horus is poisoned?
She gets Selkis to come, she tells Isis to get the sun god to stop his barque so time will stand still.
From the stopped solar barque...
Thoth comes down and heals Horus with magic
What other story does the Stela describe?
Isis has 7 magic scorpions, they sting child of delta woman who shut the door on Isis, gods come down to heal child like Horus and all like him will be healed.
Where is the Metternich Stela?
Sitting in the Metropolitan Museum of New York
What were the cippi thought to do?
Cure poisons and magically protect against venomous creatures.