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Muscular and strong.


Direct, straightforward, sincere, expressing true opinion, open, honest.


A large group or crowd, especially one on the move, swarm, pack or throng of people.


A permanent resident of a place, person or animal.


Able to accept the beliefs of others even if different from yours, put up with something or someone, accept willingly without complaint, accept different cultures, overlook the faults of others.


Harsh, mean, ruthless.


Uneasy feeling, disturbing feeling, feeling of illness.


Lacking depth, superficial, not thinking or feeling deeply, becoming less deep.


A serious injury done, removing or damaging a body part, serious damage to surface of something, disfigure by permanent damage.


To move quickly for a short distance, to move with light running steps, move with rapid little steps, move in a hurried manner.


To move by force, move with effort, move something that is heavy and bulky from place to place.


To make a loud, deep cry like that of a bull, yell in a deep voice.


To involuntarily draw back suddenly in a small way, as if from pain or shock, move back suddenly in fear, shrink in fear.


To move lightly across a surface, bouncing lightly along the surface.


A set of established activities in a religion or society, established formal and repeated behavior, formal patter of actions and words, actions followed regularly in an orderly and ceremonial way, rites and ceremonies usually.


Continued steadfastly and firmly, refusing to give up, keep doing and trying, go on and on, not give up, continuing despite difficulties, keep on standing and not moving from a purpose, sticking to something.

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