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Quiz Sec. 3/4

Why were European countries intrested in controlling the Muslim lands?
Geopolitics-Suez Canal and Raw Resources-Oil
What imperalistic forms of control did the Europeans use to govern these lands?
Sphere of Influence-Russia and Britain and Economic Imperialism-Anglo Persian Oil Company
Explain the concept of geopolitics. Give an example
Geopolitics-An interest in taking land for its strategic location or products. Example-Suez Canal
Why did Great Britain want to control the Suez Canal?
Because the Suez Canal is a major trading route connecting Asia and Europe.
Why did the Persian people oppose their ruler's policy of selling buisness concessions to Europeans?
Influence from the Western Europeans.
Why did Britain consider India its "jewel in the crown"?
India had many resources and was very successful.
What caused the Sepoy Mutiny adn why didn't Indians unite against the British?
Direct Control
What form did British rule take under the Raj?
Economic Imperialism
How did imperialism contribute to unity and to the growth of nationalism in India?
Indians were modernized, nationalism, and didn't want to be treated like second class citizens.