Network+ - Chapter 13 - Review*

20 terms by PixelVixen

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Networking +

Which of the following percentages represents the highest availability?


What distinguishes a Trojan horse from a boot sector virus?


What characteristic of the IRC protocol makes it an effective way to spread viruses and worms quickly?


Which of the following techniques does a polymorphic virus employ to make itself more difficult to detect?


If your anti-malware software uses signature scanning, what must you do to keep its malware-fighting capabilities current?


Which of the following power flaws has the ability to render your server's main circuit board unusable, even after power returns to normal?


Approximately how long will an online UPS take to switch its attached devices to battery power?


When purchasing a UPS, you have to match the power needs of your system according to what unit of measure?


What makes SONET a highly fault-tolerant technology?


Why is simple disk striping not fault tolerant?


The most common form of RAID used on modern networks relies on what techniques?


Which of the following can be considered an advantage of clustering servers over mirroring servers?


Which of the following offers the highest fault tolerance for shared data and programs?


Why do SANs save and retrieve files faster than NAS devices?


Suppose you are the network manager for an ISP whose network contains five file servers that use software RAID, a NAS installation, and a SAN. You learn that the company is taking on a huge Web hosting client and you need to add 1 TB of storage space as soon as possible. To what part of the network should you add the storage so that it causes the least disruption to the existing network?


Which factor must you consider when using online backups that you don't typically have to consider when backing up to a LAN tape drive?


In a Grandfather-Father-Son backup scheme, the October— week 1— Thursday backup tape would contain what type of files?


In the Grandfather-Father-Son backup scheme, how frequently is a full backup per-formed? (Choose all that apply.)


What is the difference between an incremental backup and a differential backup?


You have been charged with creating a disaster recovery contingency plan for the federal benefits agency where you work. Your supervisor has said that the network must have the highest availability possible, no matter what the cost. Which type of disaster recovery site do you recommend?


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